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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-15 10:37:03
Variety picked up the story of E! ordering additional episodes of Total Divas today. As we noted in the PWInsider Elite section earlier this week, it was obvious more were coming because the company had been filming footage.

Lex Luger was interviewed by The Christian Post to promote his new autobiography "Wrestling With the Devil" at this link.

WWE will be running a live event in Portland, Oregon tomorrow night at the Rose Bowl. If anyone will be attending it, or any of the AXXESS sessions this weekend, we are seeking live reports.

The 2013 Money in the Bank DVD was released earlier this week. Apparently, the Blu-Ray edition is already very hard to track down. It's a Best Buy exclusive.

WWE will be releasing "The History of WWE" on DVD and Blu-Ray on 11/19.

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