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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-15 10:00:00
Darren Young came out today. Do you think WWE will release him?

If the question is whether they are going to release Darren Young because he came out, No, because that would be immoral and stupid. He could still get released like any other talent as they change the roster, if he fails Wellness tests, etc., but I don't believe Young revealing his homosexuality is going to have any negative effect on his career. If anything, the company may turn to him more to assist with the anti-bullying campaigns and things of that nature. I don't think his revaluation should be seen as a major deal at all in terms of his viability as a WWE performer.

I wanted to call Mike Johnson out on something. He wrote on Twitter that Drew McIntyre was one of the most underutilized performers in WWE. Really? The guy sucks. Any evidence to prove me wrong?

McIntyre is anything but "sucky" as a performer in the ring. If you go back and look at his initial push where he was "The Chosen One" and was feuding with Kofi Kingston while tormenting Teddy Long on Smackdown, he showed a ton of promise. He had a great entrance as well. Unfortunately, issues with his then-wife getting in trouble over Summerslam week cascaded back onto him and he's never recovered. I really think the time has been beyond past to get him back on track. Sure they buried him hard, but hey, they buried HHH hard once, too.

In your opinion would John Cena make a great heel?

No, but if they allow John Cena to keep cutting promos the way he did on Raw this past Monday, more people would recognize him as the great babyface he is.

Should we expect Zack Ryder to be future endeavored from WWE soon?

Man, everyone wants someone fired today. I don't believe we'll see Ryder let go, because if they planned to cut him, they could have done so after he took a beyond brutal beating at the hands on Ryback that certainly appeared to kill off his character. We've heard for a while that WWE has an idea for him and that's why he's been growing his hair out. Ryder responded to that on Twitter, saying it wasn't true, but you also wouldn't expect a WWE performer to tip anything storyline-wise for obvious reasons. I don't see them cutting him, however.

I saw on Total Divas where The Bella Twins were working out together but without a trainer. Isn't that rather dangerous? I know they are experienced in the ways to executing holds and moves but to workout under no supervision is rather risky wouldn't you agree?

No, wrestlers train all the time that way and also work out spots in the ring that way. Why would they need a trainer after they've been trained and have been working TV and PPV for years?

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