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By Mr. K on 2013-08-14 08:25:08

Dark Match:

The Great Khali over Jinder Mahal.

Tony Dawson and Alex Riley out for commentary.


Natalya over Naomi with the Sharpshooter.

Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston beat Prime Time Players after a Zig Zag followed by Trouble In Paradise to Darren Young.

Main Event:

The Usos vs. 3MB (Heath Slater/Drew McIntyre) with Jinder Mahal.  The Usos win with a splash on Slater.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Cody Rhodes. Alberto wins via submission with armbar.

FYI .... arena looks crazy empty, like only 40% full if that.


Mark Henry/The Big Show/Rob Van Dam vs. The Shield tonight!

Damien Sandow vs. Christian:

Christian wins with a roll up. Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian after the match and talks crap on the mic while kicking his ass. Christian comes back and hits Alberto with the Killswitch.

RVD gets interviewed. The Big Show and Mark Henry are also there saying they have RVD's back at SummerSlam.

Kaitlyn and Natalya vs. Layla and AJ Lee:

Layla and AJ win after AJ kicks Kaitlyn with a shining wizard

The Wyatt's are out first ..... Bray tells a story in the ring. Kane's fireworks hit in the ring and comes out from under the ring. Kane beats on all 3 Wyatts but Wyatts then get the advantage and kick his ass.

Ryback gets interviewed, says he isn't on the SummerSlam card since everyone is scared of him. Ryback attacks a producer backstage. Throws him over a table.

The Shield make their way into the ring from the crowd. RVD is out first .... Mark Henry ... somebody gotta get they ass kicked .... then The Big Show enters.  Rob Van Dam pins Dean Ambrose with the Five Star Frog Splash after Show hits Ambrose with a knock out punch.

The Miz vs. Jack Swagger ends when Miz rolls up Swagger for the win.

Zack Ryder vs. Curtis Axel with Paul Heyman sees Axel win with a neck breaker.

Heyman speaks on the mic while employees pass out YES towels to camera side of audience.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett in a No DQ match: Vince McMahon comes out during the match. Vince pulls ref out the ring when Bryan puts Barrett in the Yes Lock. Bull hammer by Barrett, out comes Brad Maddox to make the count but Bryan kicks out. Bryan reverses the Wasteland with a kick to the head but Maddox refuses to make the cover. Barrett accidentally hits Maddox, Bryan puts Barrett through table. Triple H comes out in a ref shirt .... Bryan hit a flying head butt on Barrett, Triple H makes the count.

Randy Orton comes out .... stays on ramp and raises briefcase in the air. End Smackdown!

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