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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-13 17:52:20

In a new platform for WWE PPVs, starting with Summerslam, you will be able to order and stream them via the Sony Network for your PS3s.

Eve Torres, who lives in Los Angeles, will be working with the company this week and making appearances at several charity events.

WWE Studios and Anchor Bay Films announced today that they have acquired distribution rights in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia/New Zealand for the film "Road to Paloma", the directorial debut from Jason Momoa, who starred in the most recent Conan film. Momoa will also star in the drama, where he plays a Native American being pursued by authorities after taking the law into his own hands following the rape of his mother.

Online now in the PWInsider Elite section is a 45 minute interview with former WCW World champion Lex Luger discussing his new autobiography "Wrestling With the Devil", what led to him writing the book, how his family responded to some of the darker revelations, his relationship with Sting, his health today after recovering from paralysis, life lessons he learned from that time period, almost going to the WWF in 1988, the night Barry Windham joined the Horsemen, his favorite matches, keeping up with Ric Flair in the ring, his program with Yokozuna in the WWF, being in the middle of the explosion that took place when he slammed him on the deck of the U.S.S. Intrepid, Vince McMahon's confidence when he made the decision to turn Luger babyface, how he realized the AOL-Time Warner merger would be the end of WCW long before everyone else, his reaction to that knowledge, whether he ever had any regrets about the way he left WWF for the debut of Monday Nitro, WWF owning the WCW assets, his relationship with WWE today, his amazement over how that company has grown, what he hopes fans will get out of the book, his spirituality and much, much more! You can sign up for Elite by clicking here.

Jim Ross posted his latest blog looking at last night's Raw and more at this link.

Lance Storm posted a new commentary to his website looking at his visit to the WWE Performance Center and more at this link. Thanks to Jonathan Balofsky for sending that along.

WWE has released the first Wyatt Family t-shirt.

E! posted a "bonus clip" from Total Divas at this link.

Thomas Rude sent the following videos:

Big Lifting With Big E. Langston:

SummerSlam in 60 Seconds-2008 SummerSlam

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