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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-12 15:40:21
If you thought things were going to calm down on the Tammy Sytch front, well, then stay off Twitter.

The WWE Hall of Famer unloaded via the social media platform earlier today, writing about her time in jail and her relationship to independent wrestler Damien Darling that landed her in jail in response to a fan that was mocking her about her legal situatiom and her behavior in Charlotte several weeks ago.

Sytch wrote, " [I'm] not ashamed to have gone to jail. when you beat the ass of the fiancee who cheats, you earn the ass kicking. I did my time...not ashamed in the least bit. It was a great learning experience and I am grateful for going through it. I learned about life, and had the time to pen my book, will be huge!"

In regard to her case, where she had been arrested numerous times for violating an order of protection against Darling, Sytch wrote, "The judge was on my side. thats why I wasn't convicted or sentenced. I was there awaiting trial..and when the judge saw it my way, I was released. No parole, no probation, because she knew I wasn't wrong. Maybe you should learn your facts before you talk about them. Court continuances and attorney changes are the only reasons I was there for 4 months. This was the same judge that [Darling] begged to have the protective order lifted in front of just 20 short days before my arrest that put me in jail. She knew he was full of sh** with the call on the PFA. Go to law school, do some research, then talk to me...until then...buh bye."

Sytch continued when the fan pointed out how often she had been arrested, writing, "Read the book dear. I know you will. enjoy..ill sign you a copy :) and yes it was 6 times, love it. Read the book. Get the facts. Who calls the cops over an argument 20 days after proposing marriage? Not normal, stable people. Only the kind that I dealt with can you say "bi-polar"? an adult who cant have an adult argument is a straight up pu**y, when they have to get the cops involved,. Its fine tho, it really is. Karma is a mother f**king bitch. buh bye now."

Sytch's comments led to Darling, who was added into the conversation via responses from the fan, to comment, writing, "Mental illness isn't anyone's fault, treatment however should be sort for, that is your responsibility. Get well."

Darling then responded to what Sytch wrote, commenting, "Her account of what happened is sooo inaccurate and out there, I'm actually worried about her....not worried worried, but like damn girl pull it together."

Darling's comments led to Sytch making accusations about alleged drug use and comments about Darling's current girlfriend (who is not in the business, therefore not being named), which led to Darling responding, "Enough!" before writing, "Not every relationship has to end in wars like your relationships Tammy."

Sytch then began posting what she claimed was proof of text messages between she and Darling showing that he was still trying to be in her life. She and Darling's current girlfriend went back and forth via Twitter with Sytch finally writing, "I'm done. I dont fight with words. Show up at one of my shows, then we'll discuss it."

Sytch later clarified that she was not challenging the woman to fight, saying she's "grown up."

Darling finally wrote, "You're not going to get any hateful comments from me, I really wish Tammy well. Shes not right," in response to someone knocking her.

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