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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-14 09:59:00

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I think that its safe to say the Brock Lesnar has a VERY intense style in the ring; with that said, given the numerous incidents of busting people open the hard way (including himself) and nearly breaking himself in half attempting a shooting star press, I ask if Brock Lesnar is too reckless and dangerous to work with? Have any wrestlers ever expressed concern about his work?

People know what Brock is and they expect that when he goes in the ring.  The flip side is, he doesn't complain when he gets hit with a stiff shot.

Is Daniel Bryan this generation's Steve Austin? Where Austin was the blue collar guy doing what we always wanted to do to our boss, Bryan is doing the same...but also looks like one of us. Can you imagine a What! Yes! No! Dueling promo?

Hmmm, in some ways maybe.  Bryan isn't a hard-edged ass kicker like Austin was though.  Austin came across like the working man, Bryan doesn't to me.  He is not a beer drinking, blue jeans kind of guy.  But that is a good thing because a copy usually doesn't work.  An original often does.

So I checked out the Total Divas because I was more interested in what goes on between the shows and how people are outside of their character. It made for a somewhat bothered response. These people (not all of them obviously) seem like they're out to stab anyone in the back to climb their body to the top of the program. At once I was very interested in wrestling, but after seeing this (I heard of it before but didn't think it was that obvious/bad) I'm glad I didn't. No wonder people say they love wrestling... it's the only time you get to bitch slap that person back for the year they had you buried.

It's a work!  Seriously, large chunks of "reality" shows are anything but real!

On the Total Divas show, I was thinking how great it would be for one of these 'guy/sport/reality' networks to have the midcard guys followed behind the scenes, talking about what its' like. Follow like two different guys a week, one from Smackdown, one from Raw. Like PTP and 3MB would be entertaining and really allow them a chance to show who they are and maybe even get more fans into them and their merch, what do you think about that idea?

I think the audience for it would be very small.  Total Divas is on a women's network.  I think the only place that a show like what you mention would air is on a WWE owned vehicle.

In a recent interview Goldberg said he would like to return as a heel, what is the likeness of that happening and how do you you?

I hope it's minimal.  Goldberg was good in his time in WCW (the first time) but from then on, he lost luster to me.  His run in WWE was very eh.  I don't see a whole lot a an old Goldberg coming back to wrestle, especially at this point in his life.

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