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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-13 09:59:00

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Is the entertainer vs. Wrestler storyline the last storyline we have never seen before? I feel it is a fresh concept that should be expanded beyond Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Any thoughts on where they can go with it? And is the reaction to Daniel Bryan and CM Punk saving "wrestling" from becoming too much sports entertainment?

No there are other stories lines we haven't seen before.  We just don't know what they are because we haven't seen them yet.  There are a lot of places they can go with it if they choose to do so.  If Bryan wins this weekend, I think they can totally play up how he came up the hard way, taking the hard road, to add to his character.  I think the reaction to Bryan stems from the fact that the company is finally listening to the fans.  They wanted to cheer for him a while ago but creative decided to change the Yes chant to a no.  Now, they are letting the fans cheer for the guy.

Due to how overly rough Brock has been on TV do you see CM Punk giving Lesnar any kind of receipt on Summerslam?

Nah, it was an accident and everyone that works Brock knows he is stiff as hell in the ring.  He hurts himself too.

What is Jim Ross's position in WWE?

 He is heavily involved in talent development, working with the you workers at NXT.  I believe he still has some office functions as well.

In one of your answers you said WWE doesn't want Kurt Angle. That surprised me as I thought he got along with people in the company when he was there and left on good terms. Is it just because of his legal/alcohol troubles? Do you mean they don't want him personally or just that they don't need him and want to focus more on young talent?

He left WWE because they wanted him to address what they felt were personal issues and he didn't agree with their assessment.  They decided to let him go.  It was not what anyone would call good terms or a friendly situation. WWE was concerned he would end up having the kind of incidents that he has had in TNA if he didn't get help.

I'm guessing the McMahons are in the Bryan/Cena storyline for nothing less than to satisfy their gigantic egos. They feel as though the whole world can't wait to see them on TV. Your opinion?

Nope, they are doing it because their presence usually brings in viewers.  According to most sources, none of the three cares one way or another if they are on TV or not.  In fact at this point, it's pretty fair to say Stephanie would probably prefer not to be on the road every week.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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