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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-12 09:59:00

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Ok about this for Summerslam. The first match of the night is the World Championship match. Anyone wins and Sandow comes out cash money in bank briefcase and wins the title. Cody Rhodes then gets Vickie Guerrero to change their match to World Title bout were he goes on and wins the title at Summerslam.

 That isn't really a question, but it is an interesting scenario.  I would want Alberto Del Rio and Christian to stay strong in the process.  I think it would be great for Cody though.  I have been waiting for them to give him a real push for a while now.

Do you think it's time for a change in direction for Kofi Kingston, maybe as drastic as a complete heel turn? He's worked in pretty much the same role since his debut and the lack of crowd support has become painfully obvious by now. In my opinion, his style as a face doesn't do him any favors either as it requires a great deal of suspension of disbelief to enjoy/buy many of his moves, especially the "hang time" moves that really need a opponent with perfect timing to make them look halfway good.

I agree with you on that, his stuff looks anything but real much of the time.  His big spots are often really contrived.  But I don't know that he has the realism to do a heel style either.  I would have to see it out of him first.

Saw a question today about the E doing their own Option C with past IC/US champs. What do you think of this: every week, cut one of the many "this happened seconds ago and unless your a moron you can't figure it out even if you missed it" segments, and instead, have a recap of what the NXT champ's program looks like at the time. Then, say at NoC, the NXT title holder can trade in the title for a shot at the, hopefully, unified IC/ US champion. We know that the World title really is the secondary title, so the IC title then becomes the belt that young guys are really fighting for. I realize it is the same as TNA's concept, but, let's face it, other than the IWC, who would care?

The problem with the scenario is that right now, WWE wants NXT to be purely developmental.  They don't want to expose the young talent before it's ready for prime time.  They want to bring the guys in on their terms, which could be done in the right scenario.  But I don't see the point of bringing in a new talent and have them wanting to go after a title no one cares about.

Just wondered if you think now that Sheamus is out for 4-6 months would it now be great time to turn him heel on his return??? I would like to see him as a stone cold/fit finlay ass kicking bully type who just wants to kick peoples head off !!! I think he could make good money as a vicious brawling heel as long as he plays it seriously and even more money on his eventual face turn!!! The Irish Curse vs Punk, Cena, Bryan, Ziggler and even the Undertaker would all feel fresh and new against a evil, vicious Sheamus what do you think?

Eh, I would rather not.  It wouldn't really make sense.  I would rather see him come back as a hard-edged babyface who does an "after being injured I am gonna fight like hell to be the champ" angle.  Cut out any joking stuff and have him be an ass kicker.  The timing of his injury means he could come back at the Rumble, which would be great.  I would have him come in and clean house and make four or five guys band together to throw him out because of how strong he has been in the match.  Then go from there.

Last week's RAW, John Cena’s promo seemed to put down all those who are on the Indy Circuit paying their dues and cutting their teeth. Do you think Cena’s promo was borderline offensive as he mentioned how he does not want to be in wrestling unless it is with the WWE? Has he forgotten where he came from? I think Daniel Bryan’s promo blew him out and demonstrated why he is so over with the fans. What are your thoughts?

I have zero problem with what John Cena said, zero.  The man has reached the top of the mountain.  He has done it all.  While I respect any vet who chooses to keep working the indies if they get released by or leave WWE, I have just as much respect for anyone who says that if I put on the tights, the only place I will wrestle is in WWE.  To some, they only want to work in the big time, anything else is a comedown for them.  And don't forget, Chris Jericho has actually said the same thing in real life, not on Raw.

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