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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-11 09:59:00

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Saw a question recently where the reader stated that SummerSlam didn't really feel like the No. 2 PPV. Since they've permanently (for now) housed the event in Los Angeles, has WWE ever given thought to holding it at the Home Depot Center? The gate would likely be about the same, if not more, and it would certainly not only seem like a summer event but also have a "big game" feel of WrestleMania without usurping the prestige of the big one.

I know they have a great relationship with The Staples Center and they like running the event there.  I can't say if they have considered running at the soccer stadium or not, but it would be a great idea.  It is now known as The StubHub Center now and it fits about 27,000 for soccer.  If the sides could make a deal, I agree that it would really add to the feel of the show and make it seem like the summer version of WrestleMania. I think it would be a great way to make the show seem more special and you can usually count on it not raining in LA.

2 time ECW Champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion, 4 Time IC champion, 1 time Euro Champion, 1 time hardcore champion, 1 time Light Heavyweight Champion, 9 time Tag team Champion, Grand Slam and Triple Crown Winner, one half of arguably the greatest tag team of his era, and one of the innovators of the TLC match. I never really thought of him as one really but looking at those accolades Christian has to be a hall of famer doesn't he?

I think he is both a "WWE Hall Of Famer" (and by that I mean one that is subjective) as well as a legitimate one.  He has had a great, great career.

For some reason, this popped into my head the other day: Why has there never been a Jerry Lawler DVD set? Was there one and I missed it? Or has there never been one due to unavailability/non-existence of old tapes, especially from the Memphis era?

That would be my guess.  Lawler's best work happened in Memphis so that footage would be instrumental to making the DVD work.  His stuff in WWE was at the end of his career and not representative of what he did on the whole.

I see a lot of people questioning the fan attack because the blow looked like a fake Ric Flair crotch shot. First, the WWE wouldn't encourage that type of fan behavior through an angle on an overseas house show, but you think Randy Orton sold it more because he didn't see who did it and thought an agent called an audible by sending a wrestler for a run-in?

 First off, any shot to the jewels has the potential to hurt.  With that said, in watching the video I got the same impression that you did.  It seemed to me that Orton went into sell mode until he saw what was going on.  I thought it was a real pro move when I saw it.

Considering what we heard on air from Vince about Daniel Bryan multiple times...and knowing Vince's tendencies over the years, coupled with any source info you've gathered, is VKM surprised or shocked by Bryan's ascent to the top of the card, thanks largely to his enormous, organic crowd reaction? Almost like he didn't have a choice?? I wonder how comfortable he is with a guy like Bryan being in the position he finds himself in going forward...

Say what you want about Vince but if he thinks someone can over, he gives them a chance (obviously, at other times when he doesn't, they don't get a shot).  They have added Vince's legitimate feel for what a top guy is into the angle, but keep in mind Eddie Guerrero, who was maybe an inch taller than Bryan, was the WWE Champion too.

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