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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-10 10:00:00
There's been a lot of rumors about Tammy Sytch since the Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest? I know Mike Johnson was there, so what exactly went down with her that led to Tom Prichard and Tully Blanchard cutting promos on her in front of fans?

There were a few incidents over the course of the weekend, although I don't think anyone outside of the immediate area truly knew about them.

Sytch came to the Fanfest with her latest boyfriend/indy wrestler, who I won't name because I don't believe he was the cause of any of this. As some exposition, her boyfriend came down to the weekend training seminar with Tully, Prichard and several other trainers. During the Hall of Heroes banquet on Friday, Sytch got him some unwanted attention as she "broke from the script" and gave him a long introduction and asked him to stand - only the introduction was longer than some of the legends that were in attendance received. At least two of them intimated to me that by doing so, she probably kept him out of the running for the Reid Flair Scholarship, as the second she put him over so big, it would have made it look like the entire thing was a work if he had won it.

Over the course of the weekend, her boyfriend was in the ring with another, female trainee and he tossed her to the outside. She ended up getting busted open hardway. Later on, during one of the live events, Sytch tried to talk to the female trainee, the other female didn't want to hear what Sytch was saying and instead wanted to watch the show. Sytch was offended that the female didn't want to listen to her and was offended a rookie would do such a thing to a veteran. This was all going on behind the hard camera and next to the announcers. Prichard finally left his position announcing, during the broadcast, and told Sytch to knock it off and let it go. He demanded she go stand somewhere else.

After a few minutes, Sytch returned to where the trainee was standing and started again, which led to Tully Blanchard coming from across the room to browbeat Sytch in a way that well, would have made some men wince, before Sytch finally stopped.

There may have been other instances, but those were the only ones that I was witness to in Charlotte.

Hey guys... I noticed that since RVD has been back with WWE he has wrestled alot of talent. Would it be a case where he signed a short term contract and he would like wrestle alot guys while under contract or will he stay long enough to start a feud ? Thanks again.

Van Dam signed a long term deal, although we are told that the terms dictated that he would work for 90 days, then take an unspecified hiatus before returning to action. So, that could be why he's just bouncing around as opposed to being in a major program.

I really like the X-Division Title angle (Option C) that Aries and Sabin have been able to apply to not only win the world title, but also help to elevate the X-Division title. That said, I believe they don’t do it well enough and WWE could do better. What do you think of the idea that the past 6-7 IC/US Title Holders are the combatants in one Money in the Bank while the other is the All-Stars concept of this year. They could even do the All-Stars as a fan vote in much like professional sports leagues. I see this as a win-win for WWE. One, they can elevate their US and IC titles potentially to the degree it was in the late 80’s early 90’s in terms of next step progression. This would also elevate talent in the eyes of fans. WWE doesn’t have to over think the push/depush of the secondary titles as it has an end-game built in. It also pushes their social media concepts that have been driven home over the last 2 years. Thoughts?

It's an interesting idea and one that would fit into the way WWE tried to build a synergy with their social media, I wouldn't be shocked to see if someone stole it.

For some reason, this popped into my head the other day: Why has there never been a Jerry Lawler DVD set? Was there one and I missed it? Or has there never been one due to unavailability/non-existence of old tapes, especially from the Memphis era?

WWE considered doing one a few years ago but the decision was made not to go forward with it. I'd personally love to see a documentary on his life and career as his autobiography was an excellent read and it would be a lot of fun to see what they could come up with.

Why is it we don't get to see much of Pedro Morales when WWE trots out the older Hall of Famers? Even when the Hall of Fame was in the Garden, no sign of Morales. What's up?

In asking around, I am told that has more to do with Morales' health and his decision not to leave home than anything related to issues between the two sides.

I was at the house show where Ron Simmons was honored in Tallahassee, very nice moment by the way, but it was brought up again that he was the first African-American world champion. My whole life I was brought up being told that Bobo Brazil was the first African-American champ. For the most part all I got to see when I was younger was Georgia Championship Wrestling and Championship Wrestling from Florida along with some NWA Gulf Coast. I never watched the older WCW when they were part of the NWA. Hearing these federations and guy like Gordon Solie (only commentator that comes close to JR) it was always Bobo Brazil as the first champ.

Ron Simmons is considered the first African-American World champion because he was WCW World champ and that was a nationally recognized title. Brazil was the WWA champion, but that was more a local thing in the Mid-West. I've never heard of Brazil being considered a World champion, although there would be one instance where you could argue he did win the belt.

During a title defense against Bobo Brazil in Newark, New Jersey on 8/18/62, NWA World champion Buddy Rogers claimed he had a groin injury and the match was stopped with Brazil declared the winner. However, the story was that Brazil refused to accept the victory.

It was then announced on September 6 that Bobo Brazil was the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, after a doctor "found nothing wrong with Rogers".

Rogers then won the title back from Brazil on October 30 in Toledo, Ohio, but after ALL THAT, the title change was never really recognized by the NWA, so like the Flair/Race title changes in New Zealand, it's not considered a legit title win.

So, for history's sake, Simmons' win over Vader in 1992 is considered the first World title win.

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