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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-09 10:00:00
Has it ever been discussed by WWE of having one of their major PPV's such as the Rumble or SummerSlam free on Network TV to gain more of a fan base? I would surmise they would take a hit financially but selling ad space would presumably make up some of the lost revenue.

No, I don't believe it's ever been seriously discussed for those type of shows to be broadcast (at least domestically, because they do air on broadcast/cable in some international markets), because it would mean giving up a lot of the revenue that comes with the PPVs. Once the WWE Network launches, however, that is certainly part of the strategy.

I have seen interviews at wrestlers' homes and they have a display case with title belts (that they once held) behind them. Are these replica belts? I can't imagine that a wrestling promotion, even WWE, would create actual gold/silver belts for every title change.

In some cases, they are replica belts but there are certainly cases where WWE has copies of the belts given to the talents as a thank you for their work. WWE talents have also had copies made by the same beltmakers as well. It all depends on the talent and the title.

Is it just me sensing a double whammy here. Christian beats Del Rio then Sandow cashes in his MITB briefcase then Bryan beats Cena and Orton cashes his MITB briefcase. I was looking forward to these matches until this evil thought came into my head. I was going to buy it. It would be my first in the last three years (I do follow TNA and do not mind paying for theirs). So tell me guys could I be right? Would Vince do this to us?

I don't know whether we will see any cash-ins, but it's a possibility. I do think that doing both in one night would cheapen the moment of ascension where the talents win their respective titles, but that's just me. I wouldn't do either because to me, you want to save the MITB cash-ins for when they meant the most.

Where does one find NXT? Is it televised within the United States or primarily outside the country?

As we note regularly, you can find the series online by ordering Hulu Plus. The series does not air over broadcast or cable in the United States but is syndicated internationally.

On a scale of 1-10, how bad did TNA bungle Rob Van Dam's stint there?

I'd say it was the worst possible bungling, because I don't believe TNA ever really made money off having RVD in the company, which was their own fault because he was pretty much booked to mean nothing post-Hardcore Justice 2010.

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