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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-08 10:00:00
Its been noted that commentators for WWE use monitors for tools to comment on ongoing matches and confrontations. TNA commentators do the same thing. When the camera turns on them they are seen looking down at their respected screens. When Gail Kim and ODB were fighting last week on the ring floor right in front of them do you think they were using their monitors to comment on the situation even though it was right in front of them?

Commentators usually stick to what is on the screens in front of them because that is what the audience is seeing, so it's easier to convey to them what is going on the screen. My guess is that they were looking at the screen.

I'll try to keep this short as possible but please edit however you want. Aren't other fans like myself are tired of heel stables like The Shield and The Wyatt Family where the only strength seems to be when they outnumber anyone? Three against one is never good odds for a face and for it's getting old. One on one of course the heel never seems to stand a chance but sure enough, attack with all your buddies and you're guaranteed to "win,"

I think that has to do with the basic tenets of pro wrestling, where the villain has to cheat to get the upperhand. I don't have any issue personally with the stables because they help get new talents into positions where they can get over and eventually, hopefully, branch out on their own.

Doesn’t it sort of ruin the mystique when shows (like Total Divas) reveal so much behind the scenes stuff. I know some of the stuff is not exactly secret, but I still don’t like the idea, plus there may still be older fans out there who aren’t ‘smart’.

I don't believe so. I don't think the majority of the audience that watches the primary shows are going to watch the reality series. The majority of the audience that is watching the reality series knows what the deal is with the backstage planning, so this is just opening up the curtain for them to see what is going on. Trust me, fans who don't want to be smartened up just don't watch.

What exactly does former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis have against The Bella Twins?

We have covered this on before but I will recap it. Kanellis was going to return to WWE as part of Wrestlemania 29 for a potential multi-Diva tag bout that would have seen older, former Divas return against the current Divas. WWE then rescinded her contract offer and went in a different direction for Wrestlemania. At the time, the story was that the Bellas and possibly some of the other women (although I've never heard names) spoke out against bringing Kanellis back because of things she had allegedly said about certain female roster members during online show appearances. Kanellis wasn't brought back and since then has been outspoken about the Bellas.

If the series Total Divas becomes more of a hit than it appears to be will this lead to more Divas matches on both Raw and Smackdown? Before going overseas WWE taped matches for Raw which featured two women's matches. That's a rare sight indeed. The women's division has been neglected for sometime. Will the success of the show give it the boost it so greatly needed?

I don't believe so. They just received their own TV series, so I don't believe WWE will see them as needing more time on Raw and Smackdown. They can fashion the E! series as something to push fans to go to as a way to build the audience there.

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