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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-07 09:59:00

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I always wondered about Kane. How much longer does he have in the tank? He is awesome, but I am sure he is hall of famer for sure...your thoughts.

In his current role, I think he has at least a few more years.  He is a very smart worker and in great shape. They way that they have used him, in more vignettes, is great for him too since less bumps will help him out in the long term.  I agree with you, he is definitely a Hall Of Famer.

On the Total Episode, they had Jane and Mark as executives from talent relations. I thought Triple H ran talent relations. How did they end up in talent relations, they don't seem to be former wrestlers.

They were hired!  Seriously, Jane Geddes (a former LPGA golfer and executive) works under Triple H and handles the day-to-day operations of the department.  Mark works under her.  Triple H has a lot of responsibilities in the company and needs good people he can delegate too.  Jane Geddes is one of those people.

Why isn't AJ, Kaitlin or Layla on the WWE Divas show?

I was told it is due to them being involved in the Divas top program on TV shows.  I just hope the show doesn't lead to a Bella Title reign.

Do you think with the current money problems in TNA and Wrestlers being paid late, some of their top talent could get sick of them and leave the company?

Let's look at the top talent.  Kurt Angle? Uh no, WWE doesn't want him.  Sting? Well he has never wanted to go to WWE and doesn't need the money at this point.  Hulk Hogan?  WWE would never pay him what TNA does.  Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe had their deals come up and WWE didn't grab them. So I think at this point, as long as they get paid within a reasonable period of time, they will stay with TNA.  They know what to expect there and WWE would be a great unknown.

Is there any reason why the WWE/WWF Title that was introduced after WrestleMania XIV had a blue strap instead of the common black strap?

Yes, black was out of style that spring. Seriously, I have no idea!  

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