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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-06 09:59:00

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I've noticed how incredibly similar Dolph Ziggler is to Billy Gunn in terms of gimmick, energy, willingness to bump, moveset (Ziggler even uses the Fame-Asser), right down to the look and even hairstyle. Do you know if this was intentional on Ziggler's part? Is he a big Billy Gunn fan, or is it just a coincidence?

I can see the similarity but I think Ziggler is definitely different from Gunn.  He is a bit more high energy than Gunn was.  I think his style is more explosive than Gunn's was.  With that said, Ziggler has said in the past that he is a fan of Gunn's work so he may very well be influenced by him.

Jim Ross always seems to go out of his way to denigrate internet sites such as yours when it comes to reporting on the inner workings of pro wrestling. I know that Ross is a company man through and through (he even said he watched that damn Total Divas show, for God's sake), but do you think he's right to bash the IWC for legitimately criticizing and analyzing the business, or is he just mad that a lot of pro wrestling fans are smarter and less gullible than WWE would prefer?

He has a right to his opinion and unless he comes out and names a site, you never know who he is making reference to.  Let's be real, there ARE sites out there run by idiots that write stupid things (like those that said that the fan who jumped Randy Orton was part of the show).  I would like to think he respects the work that we do here, while he may not feel that way about sites that don't deserve praise. But you do also have to realize that he does work for WWE and what he says on Twitter will reflect that.  He said he enjoyed the first episode of Total Divas.  Maybe he meant it from a "this is so bad, it's funny" standpoint.  I don't know.  But again, he works for WWE so you can't be shocked when he says things that support the company line.

With SummerSlam coming up it got me thinking. This is supposed to be the company's 2nd biggest PPV of the year, but really I find it anything but that. I just don't think it's any bigger or better than any of their other ppv's. In fact the last one that really stands out to me was the 2002 event with Rock vs. Brock and HBK's return. That was a loaded card. But since then they all seem to blend. Your thoughts on Summerslam?

As I type this on Sunday, before Raw, I can say that I am looking forward to SummerSlam.  I am curious to see if they do the right thing by Daniel Bryan and am looking forward to CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar.  So, I am not in the boat with you.

Do you think the current McMahon story line will lead to a Wrestlemania 2000 story line with a McMahon in every corner? Like Vince in Randy Orton's corner, Triple H in Daniel Bryan's and Stephanie in John Cena corner. Also if Stephanie and Triple H broke up (say he cheated on her) do you think that would end his involvement backstage or all together in WWE or would Vince look past that for the sake of business?

God, I hope not.  That would be terrible.  Since it's Mania 30, I think H will be wrestling, not seconding.  I could definitely see H wrestling someone Vince chooses with Steph in the middle.  As for H's position, it's hard to say without knowing what broke them up.  If it were a standard breakup, where they handled it maturely, I see H staying as long as he does a good job.  Vince has a long history of putting the business first.

I just watched the video of the fan attacking Randy Orton. When WWE goes overseas (or for that matter, here in the States on house shows), do they take their own security with them? Or is that provided by the arena? I can’t believe the guy got in the ring, and had time to “set up” before making his move.

If WWE is in control of the tour, they generally take their own security.  Sometimes, especially in markets they haven't run a lot, they sell the tours to a promoter and he/she provides security.  I believe that was the case on the South Africa tour because we were told the security was bad at all the shows.

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