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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-05 09:59:00

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Why is it that we have seen Undertaker wrestle Kane, Shawn Michaels and HHH twice at Wrestlemania but never Rock, Stone Cold, Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar?

 It just was never in the storyline plans at the times that those guys were in the company.  The guys were in programs with other people.  Vince McMahon chose to go in a different direction with Taker.

I recently read your coverage on WWEs 'fun weeks' touring Asia, South Africa and taping the Raws and Smackdowns a couple of days in a row. It got me thinking about how much time off these guys actually have. I understand that stars like Brock Lesnar who don't do house shows have a lot more time off. But what about guys like Miz, Cena, Sheamus and Bryan who do most of the house shows and almost every taping? Do they work on a daily basis, do they have some kind of vacation or is it their only 'hope' to somehow get banged up just like Punk recently so WWE has to give them some time off?

The schedule is rough.  For a guy on Raw, the average week starts on Friday when they go on house show tours.  Then they work Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  If they are not needed at Smackdown, they travel home on Tuesday.  Usually, it's flights in both directions, which isn't usually fun.  They get Wednesday and Thursday at home (unless they are needed to be somewhere to promote something).  If they have to go to Smackdown, they get one less day off.  WWE does try to give the top guys an occasional weekend off from house shows.  After a week like this one, they usually give the talent some extra days off.  Next week, there is only a Sunday house show before taping TV.  But yes, it's a brutal schedule and it does take a toll.

Ok, so Tito Ortiz coming out at the end of TNA was a little cool. But what was the purpose? Is TNA going to become MMA? Did they bring him in to fight Rampage? Is he going to shoot fight with Kurt Angle? What is the point?

It is being done to promote their November fight on Bellator's debut PPV. Viacom owns both Bellator and Spike TV so they are having TNA push the fighters to TNA's audience.

What's the obsession with TNA and Dixie bringing in MMA fighters? First we had 'King Mo' who apart from getting a payday at the biggest show of the year during the biggest feud of the year has done nothing. Now Rampage Jackson who, to be fair on his debut got my attention with his angle with Kurt Angle, who has now again done nothing but appear as a backup star to Kurt Angle (go figure) in a stable. and now Tito Ortiz has been revealed in the main event segment of TNA' s only show as the 'mystery man' we've been teased about. Seriously, its a wrestling show, some TNA fans probably don't even know who these guys are. I understand there's a Spike TV Bellator link, but please stop putting these guys on a wrestling show to do NOTHING. I could handle Rampage vs Angle as a one time PPV attraction, but we now have 3 guys on the roster taking up TV time in main event positions with a total of 0 wrestling matches between them.

As I mentioned above, the Viacom connection is the key.  I think in a perfect world, most people in TNA would rather focus on guys that actually wrestle, but they have to do what their main source of revenue wants them to do.

With the ever red hot wild crowd, the great wrestling a lot of times put into long matches (Emma vs. Paige may have been one of the best and longest women's matches of the year), fresh faces and simple, yet straight logic storylines, would you agree with me when I say that NXT is the best wrestling program today, by distance?

I don't have Hulu Plus so I don't get to watch NXT but I can tell you that everyone who I have spoken with that does watch it says that the show is great.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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