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By Dave Scherer on 2013-08-04 09:52:00

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A funny and smart ass but sadly legit question for this situation what are the chances that WWE is going to foot the bill for Kurt Angle to go to rehab even he is a active TNA wrestler?

At this point, I fully expect TNA to pay Angle his salary, which is pretty hefty.  There is no reason he can't pay for rehab himself.  WWE offers to pay for rehab with the unwritten rule that they will do it for those that can't afford it themselves.  Angle can definitely afford it.

I see a lot of people saying "don't judge Kurt Angle" and "pray for his recovery".  I say what about all of the lives he put in danger when he drove drunk?

I couldn't agree with you more.  I tweeted this yesterday: "The thing people forget about Kurt Angle is his addiction could hurt other people when he gets behind the wheel of a car. #notcoolKurt".  That is how I feel.  I want him to get help and get better, but every time he drove drunk he put innocent people in harm's way.  I am not so quick to forgive that behavior.  For those who want to follow me on Twitter I use the very original handle of @davescherer.

Out of their current roster, which WWE wrestlers could you see doing a 60 minute iron man match? For my money, it would have to be CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan.

There are definitely other guys on the roster that could do it but I too would go with Punk vs. Bryan both because I think it would be great but also because they have done it before.

I've noticed something on TNA's tour schedule that seems a little strange and I'm not sure if there's a marketing strategy (or a sound strategy) behind it. Most of TNA's house shows are in cities that are quite frankly in the middle of nowhere. And about half of their live Impact shows are in small cities. Is it me or do they need a concert promoter to book shows for them? And I ask that because they still haven't booked Los Angeles or New York City for any live Impact tapings. That just seems like poor strategy to me. When WWE used to run shows in one place they ran them in NYC where there's at least an audience. If TNA is just testing the markets of the bigger cities by running shows 2 hours outside of them and hoping people will attend, they may as well have booked the bigger cities, because doing a house show in front of 300 people just seems like a waste of time and money for a national company

In my opinion, it comes down to costs.  Smaller buildings in smaller towns cost less to run, so they run there.  If they were selling out I would say they should move on to bigger places but they are not even coming close to filling smaller buildings.

Do you think TNA giving out most of their live PPV's for free will hurt their sales for the 4 PPV's they actually sell now? I doubt TNA will make much from DVD sales of their free specials unless they sell them in a box set.

Look at it like this, they weren't doing much business on their PPVs anyway.  If they were, they wouldn't have never stopped doing them.  They cut back on the number of live PPV shows to save money so even if it hurts the buyrates of what is left, they will still come out losing less money that they were losing before.  And, if they can get a better rating for the "special shows", that should make them more valuable to Spike TV, which has to be their main focus since that is where most of their revenue comes from.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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