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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-03 10:01:11
What if TNA decided to add elements that make its product feel like a sport and making it more realistic? Let's say TNA decided to start booking based mainly off of the win/loss record that a wrestler has amassed. They started keeping track of wins and losses on a weekly basis, showing us the numbers on a graphic before each wrestler enters his/her match-up. Additionally, let us say that TNA started doing segments on Impact where they broke down the X's and O's of important matches on upcoming TV episodes and PPV's; much like you would see on a "Fox NFL Sunday" type of show. Perhaps TNA started showing viewers training videos of wrestlers preparing for a match and doing interviews with wrestlers before all the big matches. Could TNA build an audience around that type of an idea, adding significant realism into the product? Could WWE's loss be their gain if they stuck to it?

I don't know that it would be a perfect formula for building the audience, but adding such elements couldn't hurt. I think part of the problem is that WWE has educated the viewing audience today into believing that what they present "is" wrestling, which makes anyone else trying to get a foothold into presenting the business as something serious or different from the norm that is WWE that much more difficult. The only entity that would really be able to effect any major change in how wrestling is viewed is WWE, but TNA could certainly stand to improve their own product with the suggestions you wrote about.

What are the chances that WWE foots the bill for Kurt Angle's rehab?

Actually, based on WWE policy, should Angle come to them asking for help, they would offer it. I don't know that is what is happening here, but it's a possibility.

Shouldn't TNA fire Kurt Angle by now? This is like his fourth or fifth arrest under their employ. Enough is enough, especially when they are releasing healthy wrestlers!

I don't know that TNA should fire Angle right after he announces he is going to rehab to get help for his problems. He's been a workhorse for them for years and it's obvious there had to have been some pattern of behavior that the company was aware of. But, of all the older veteran talents signed to deals, he is the only that works the most often and the hardest in the ring. You don't reward that by kicking him when he is down. He's screwed up, but they have to give him a chance to make it right. If he screws up again, then, they have to take action, but they have to offer Angle an opportunity to get himself right.

Sabu seems to have disappeared again. Where the heck is he and why does he keep disappearing?

The last I heard, Sabu was living in California. As far as why he keeps disappearing, it's not that he's actively hiding, but he's not getting booked on any prominent shows, partially due to where he is and partially due to the fact that he's burnt some promoters in the past.

Has there been any announcement for the 2013 WWE Tribute to the Troops show? How many tickets do you receive if you are a military member?

There hasn't been an official announcement as of yet. I don't believe there is a cap for tickets for that show as long as show your military ID.

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