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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-02 10:00:00
Doesn’t the new show Total Divas show just how disrespected, underappreciated & underused the Divas are (especially Natalia) and do you think WWE will use the show to start pushing the Divas Division again.

Yes in the case of Natalya but apparently that is now her storyline. As far as pushing the Divas division, WWE just gave them their own TV series, so that's as big of a push as they are going to get right now.

After Daniel Bryan beat Kane it was followed by Kane's choke slamming Bryan. Then the Wyatt Family came out to destroy Kane. Since the Wyatt Family are bearded giants and Brian being a bearded wonder but "too small" could you see this becoming a possible angle?

It's an interesting but that's not where they are going with any of this.

I don't understand what WWE is doing with Mark Henry, they bring him back to swerve the WWE Universe into thinking he is going to retire, then have him demolish John Cena with The Worlds Strongest Slam to set up a match for the PPV. Henry, going into the match as a heel, comes out and abruptly switches to a face, not even trying to get another title shot. WWE has The Shield attack Henry and the Uso's come for the save. Now Henry and the Uso's are working together as a Face group vs the Heel group of The Shield. So what happened to crush Henry's run as a legitimate heel?

WWE decided to shift Henry over to being a babyface. They just felt that it was time to move to him to another role. It was not anything Henry did, but just a creative decision. Remember, they can always turn him heel again!

Do you think they should take it easy with the theme music? Especially with the run-ins and sneak attacks. I don't know about you, but if I was going to beat someone up I wouldn't cue up music to let them know I was coming.

I agree 10000%. I've always felt that it takes you out of the "realism" of the moment.

Has there been any talk of WWE releasing a Smoky Mountain Wrestling DVD set?

Nothing currently, but perhaps down the line, we might see some sort of compilation.

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