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By Mike Johnson on 2013-08-01 10:00:00
I never witnessed it but when WWE's The Shield first premiered did they call themselves The Shield or did someone else refer them by that name?

They have always been the Shield since they debuted. They just always referred to themselves as that name.

I read where Randy Orton was attacked in the ring by some fool during a match in South Africa. I understand that there is a video of the incident. Its always been the policy that during baseball and football games when a moron would run onto the field no camera would show them. This way it wouldn't give the person the fame he/she so strongly hoped for. I noticed you had two video versions on your website. Why show videos that can only highlight what this idiot did? I realize its news and everything. Was there any consideration given to simply not feature the videos?

It was news, so there was no consideration given to not showing the videos. Had something terribly graphic happened, there may have been that consideration. I can't speak for other sports, but we are covering pro wrestling here. If someone is stupid enough to attack a wrestler, they should be shown how asinine their actions are and called out on it, not ignored.

The WWE program Total Divas specifically deals with the behind the scenes adventures of The Bella Twins, Natalya Neidhart, Cameron & Nicole among others. In future episodes will there be any interaction with other divas such as AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Summer Rae, the divas of both NXT and FCW?

It's possible (except FCW, which no longer exists as it was morphed into NXT) but the cast that we saw on the debut episode are the talents that WWE and E! will be focusing on.

News of late reported of a mystery man coming to TNA. What is the possibility of a mystery woman venturing into TNA sometime in the future?

Actually, there might be, but the mystery woman is too busy filming the mystery man's videos.

If Tara was released due to the fact that she was being paid a great deal of money but seldom used why didn't they simply start using her more? Makes sense doesn't it? Any chance she may return?

TNA decided that she was being paid a high premium for her work and that she wasn't drawing them money commensurate to what she was being paid. It had nothing to do with her work in the ring, just that she wasn't going to draw them well above the "x" she was being paid. I love her work, but she's at the age she is preparing for the next stage of her life and the company was looking to cut money from the budget, so right or not, she ended up released. If they started booking her more, that wouldn't have changed that financially, she wasn't making them an amount that they would have been happy to keep paying her. I don't see them bringing her back anytime soon, but if finances get better and TNA has more TV talent to spotlight additional talent, it's possible down the line, absolutely.

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