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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-31 09:59:00

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Does Ultimate Warrior's working with WWE again due to HHH's magic again? Do you think what happened with Bruno Sammartino had anything to do with his change of heart?

It was really more due to working with the video game company. Going forward, we will see what happens.

I just finished watching Celebrity Wife Swap with Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. I found it interesting that Flair was carrying enough money to choke a horse and that he was still living such an extravagant lifestyle after all the money woes that have been in the news. Does Flair have money issues or is he just playing with his ex??

Flair's money problems are legitimate.  More than legitimate. Keep in mind that what you saw was a TV show on Wife Swap.  It wasn't a documentary.

Is the Warrior a nut case? I read his tweet. He hasn't mattered in 20 years. Vince does not need him for anything. The Warrior was special but believed his on hype and walked out on the business.

He's a pretty smart guy, truth be told (albeit different).  But he is also very confident in his belief of himself and it comes out when he makes statements like that one, what I understood of it at least.  I agree though, Vince doesn't need Warrior at all at this point in the game.  Warrior is too old to be relevant in today's WWE.

I love watching TNA, but I've never really liked the lack of production they've had since they've picked up the added expense of going on the road (one ramp connecting to the ring, one big screen, no pyro, no actual stage/set=no identity). It makes the old Impact Zone look good to me. But do you think TNA would have a little more leeway with production if they were to run a month's worth of shows on back-to-back days in the same venue where they know they could get a turnout of more than 4-5 thousand fans?

Interesting idea.  It would be cheaper since they could set up shop in one place and do it every four weeks instead of every two, but if that is the goal, they would have never left The Impact Zone. I also wonder if they could draw for the second show.

Do you think if TNA focused more on the X-Division and got rid of the gimmicked 3 ways) the ratings would have a better chance of increasing? They had a nice boost with the Destination X show, and I think that's how TNA needs to stand out. Adding all of these big stars like Hogan and ex WWE stars hasn't really done anything to increase ratings (instead bloated the budget), but when they get a bunch of hard working wrestlers from the Indy's, the shows seem to turn out a lot better, or am I just getting ahead of myself?

They have focused on the X Division in the past and it never took them to the promised land. I think it would make sense to put more focus on the division, since it's so different than what WWE does.  And I agree about getting rid of the three ways, that idea sucks.  But I think making it the main point of the product would be a bad idea. The majority of fans tune in to see the bigger guys.

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