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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-29 09:59:00

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You answered one of my previous questions stating you preferred that Curtis Axel not become an exact copy of his dad, and I agree with you 100%. I've seen a few of Cody Hall's matches and he uses the same moves, mannerisms, and even wears the exact same ring gear as his dad. Do you see this close association with his dad helping or hurting his future career?

Given that Cody is working indies and learning the business, I don't have a problem with him doing his dad's stuff now. As he moves forward though he needs to phase that out and develop his own persona.

I have a question about Wrestlemania as well. Via the previous question about San Antonio, I live in Jacksonville, a city that has hosted a Super Bowl and has a lot of wrestling history. We have a huge stadium that is about to get a new huge scoreboard and we seat over 70, 000 people. Why doesn't WWE come here for a Wrestlemania? A lot of money can be made for them and the city.

Be patient.  There is only one Mania a year.   Florida in late March/early April is appealing.  It may happen in the future.

How come Taz was not at the last TNA taping. Has he been released?

He had a previously agreed on day off.  He is scheduled to be back on Thursday's taping.

Matt Morgan, Jesse Sorenson, ignoring Zima's need for help with the cancer find, more non-wrestlers taking up TV time, money dwindling. I have to be honest, with the way TNA is going, I kind of hope they get shut down. They're obvious too ignorant to run the company they don't deserve to have. There's only about four people that are true main eventers even left in that company and they only use two of them actively at a time. Sorry but WWE may be PG and bad booking, but at least it's entertaining and doesn't feel like a few friends rented a stadium for a night. I've been a fan up until the Zima incident and now with Jesse and all of these releases, I simply wont follow the product anymore, they've lost me. You guys feel this way? Getting a lot of emails like this lately? Keep up the great work!

First off, I don't hope they shut down.  That would be bad for the industry. We have gotten a LOT of feedback similar to what you wrote and I think that TNA is at a crossroads, for sure.  They need to fix a lot of things about the product.  They told the talent a few weeks back that the cuts are due to their decision to pre-tape the one night only PPVs and take Impact on the road.  That isn't the talents' fault!  It's the business end of the company's fault for not doing proper financial projections. Now, they are releasing talented workers and keeping some dead weight and overpaying others.  There are people there that have been making big money for years, and haven't grown the product at all.  I think everyone, from Hogan and Sting on down, should have their deals reevaluated and adjusted.  If you have to let five younger talents go to pay for a part of Hogan or Sting's deal, with all due respect to what they have accomplished in the industry there is something wrong with that picture to me.

Hi, just one quick question I wondered if you knew what the storyline was going to be when WWE tried turning Jim Ross heel in 97? I remember him doing a promo attacking Vince on the mic but nothing really came of it. I was quite young at the time and can't remember it all but thought it all a bit odd.

Ross was basically "fighting to get his spot back" after being replaced.  It was definitely goofy and luckily didn't last that long.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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