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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-28 09:59:00

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Was curious to your ideas. TNA just kind of hit the iceberg, don't know if they'll go down or not, but if they do, are you somewhat excited at the potential matches (WWE can't be too stupid to overlook this) with AA. vs. someone like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan, or AJ Styles mixing it up with these new main eventers in WWE. I know they'd bring Bully Ray back because he's proved he can draw as did the others. Anyway, any other potential match ups you would salivate until PPV aired?

First off, I don't think they are going down any time in the near future.  And honestly, I hope that they don't.  I remember back in 2001 when WWE bought WCW.  The WCW guys were buried for the most part. My fear is if they got the TNA guys, the same thing would happen again.  The business is better off with more companies in it.

So, from your site (my daily newspaper and I don't follow the news, so don't even start letting talent go like TNA please!) I learned Dixie is a PR person before wrestling (still not wrestling, but that's nitpicking) and finally she answers with this long winded page of bloated B.S. about "oh love us, we are doing this to get out there and give more to you, etc" just kind of pissed me off more than anything. I was wondering your take on her response finally, in a non political way (be real with us, we love that stuff, or at least i do!) and how many emails have you received that you would consider 'hate mail' towards these actions management has made?

I really think Dixie was clueless on this issue.  She looked at it from her point of view only.  She thought that they did enough for Jesse Sorensen and it was a business move to cut him loose.  She thought less than 18 months was enough time to pay someone that was, for a time, paralyzed.  Worse than that, her major problem was not realizing how sensitive the issue was.  If she and TNA would have gotten out in front and gave their reasons for releasing him, it would have at least swayed some people to their side.  I don't think it would have been the majority, but some would have seen it their way.  Personally, I think that if they were going to let him go (and I understand why they did, him wrestling is INSANE and a huge liability issue for them), I think they should have gotten out in front of the story and gave him a nice settlement.  They would have looked like the good guys.  Suffice it to say, I got a lot of hate mail towards them due to how this was handled. I always thought she was playing with fire doing the Ask Dixie segments but to do one the day this all went down was a PR nightmare.

Just wondering, is it some kind of allegorical setup by the office to make Daniel Bryan work an hour worth of matches?? As in, they/(or only Vince) don't believe he can really go, so they overwork him to make him screw up and so Vince can turn around and say "See, I gave him a chance and he screwed up on that headlock so back to the midcard..." How tough is it to work for this long, at such rate??

Just the opposite, they did it to show what a stud he was and make him look good.  For some guys, it's impossible to work that long.  But Bryan is a stud.  He can go a long, long time.

Any chance that the teased Maddox/Heyman connection from months ago will be revealed as part of a Heyman "master plan" now that Maddox is Raw GM? Could also feed into the McMahon family drama, as Heyman points out how easily he duped them with Maddox further driving a wedge between Vince and Trips/Steph.

I guess it's possible but I don't see it going that way.

Since you just answered a question about WM in San Antonio, how about WrestleMania coming to Toronto? We have subways, busses and all kinds of transportation. Also a retractable dome named the Rogers Centre that can hold 50,000.

If the Canadian dollar stays strong, I could see it happening at some point.  If the Canadian dollar weakens, probably not.

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