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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-27 10:00:00

CORRECTION FROM YESTERDAY: We've heard from several in the wrestling industry that Terry Gibbs now lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Do WWE superstars still get paid when they are off making a movie (and not on TV)?

Yes, they would still get paid their downside guarantee and whatever their fee is for the film work.

In recent tapings there has been a new character pushed – Enzo Amore? Where did he come from? Do you see him as a comedy act if he hits the main roster? The gimmick reminds me an awful lot of “Who Better Than” Chris Kanyon.

Enzo Amore is originally from New Jersey. He was trained in WWE developmental after meeting Triple H at a gym and expressing his interest in getting into the business. He's a lifelong fan. It's taken me some time to get into his persona, but he's got some pretty funny and unique lines. I can see him being an interesting secondary character.

Do you think Bo Dallas has any chance of making it to the main roster full time without a major gimmick overhaul. Just to look at the smile and his black glove is enough to push the fans in Florida to hate him more than John Cena. Is this being done on purpose now?

I think it's being done with the idea that he's a babyface that so sappy sweet, he's actually the heel, but we will see whether I am right or wrong on that.

I was wondering if there was any truth to the rumor that Kane was supposed to be in the Darth Vader suit in Episode 3 until Hayden Christiansen whined his way into it?

This may be the oddest question I've ever been asked, but no, it's not true.

If you were Dixie Carter, who you layoff young talent and less expensive front-office employees like DLo Brown, or would you unload the (presumably) bloated salaries of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff?

I would actually do what they are doing, analyzing every aspect and cutting where they can.  To me, the bigger names need to show they are bringing in bigger money and if they are, well, they are expedable as well.

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