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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-26 10:00:15
What was the old Saturday Night's Main Event theme song?

The original song is "Obsession" by Animotion.

Why is it that Wrestling Society X never lived up to the hype? The rating for the premiere was at par with what TNA was doing at the time, then things just slipped away til MTV pulled the plug. Have any wrestlers ever spoken of their time working these tapings?

Wrestling Society X was a victim of several things. One, MTV had regime changes and the new regime canceled everything that was part of that programming block, including WSX. Second, the show was dead on arrival, since it didn't get much promotion and ended up doing paltry ratings. MTV thought so little of it, they never aired the season finale, even though they were contractually bound to do so. We've had lots of talent discuss their memories of working the tapings in interviews. Basically, everyone loved working there, but felt MTV didn't understand what they were getting - and then once they got it, they decided they didn't want it. Since MTV was the only financial backer, that killed the show.

Why is Jim Cornette no longer with ROH? What happened between them?

The two sides parted ways. Cornette wasn't happy with the amount of stress the position was giving him and felt that he had been led to believe things were going to be one way and they were another. On ROH's side, Cornette lost his cool at a TV Taping and went nuts screaming and cursing about certain members of management, and that was it for him. It was a case of two sides marrying and then realizing they weren't in love after the fact.

I recently saw the name of former WWE Womens champion Candice Michelle taking part in a wrestling show. Where has she been hiding?

WWE Witness Protection. She's been hiding nowhere. She went home to enjoy her life!

So my question is, this years SummerSlam WWE had wanted in Madison Square Garden, NYC however they had to return to the Staples Centers since MSG was under renovations. Now that renovations are scheduled to finish the end of this summer will next years SummerSlam be in MSG? Also WWE returns to MSG December 26th as part of their annual "Holiday Tour."

It's possible, but not confirmed.

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