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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-20 08:38:05
WWE has started early preparation work for their own weekend long convention styled after the massive San Diego Comic-Con, has learned. The plan would be for the convention to be held over four days in the same market as a major PPV event.

There is no timetable for the first event to be held yet, as the company is still formulating plans and just began reaching out to fans via surveys to gauge interest on different elements in order to help the company begin to build a better gathering.

The early indications are that the four day event, running from Thursday to Sunday would be far more like a major comic book convention than the current AXXESS events, with specific programming, including panels with WWE writers, executives, legends and current talents.

The gathering would also conceivably feature autograph and photo sessions, interactive contests and activities with other fans, PPV and other event watching parties in theaters, live bouts from WWE NXT, a vendor's area with different exhibitors displaying and selling items, a WWE memorabilia display, a fan collector zone to display your own collection, a WWE videogame lounge and more.

The early plans are to have a VIP ticket in the $100-$150 area as well as a general admission ticket. The convention ticket would be separate from the the PPV ticket.

Early markets under consideration for the event are NYC, Orlando, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Miami, Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

One would have to think that part of the idea behind this project is to keep fans attending major WWE weeks such as Wrestlemania going to WWE-centric events, as opposed to independent gatherings such as Wrestlecon, which was a big success last year.

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