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By Steven Fernandes on 2013-07-19 08:38:20

CM Punk, Paul Heyman and RVD are advertised for some upcoming WWE Live Events. Brock Lesnar is advertised for three RAW tapings in August.

Jul 24th Smackdown taping (Corpus Cristi, TX) - CM Punk
Jul 25th Smackdown taping (Houston, TX) - CM Punk
Jul 26th Live Event (Atlanta, GA) - CM Punk, RVD
Jul 27th Live Event (Macon, GA) - CM Punk, RVD
Aug 5th RAW taping (Green Bay, WI) - Brock Lesnar
Aug 11th Live Event (Oakland, CA) - RVD, Paul Heyman
Aug 12th RAW taping (Sacramento, CA) - Brock Lesnar
Aug 16th Supershow (Portland, OR) - CM Punk, Paul Heyman, RVD
Aug 19th Post-SummerSlam RAW taping (Anaheim, CA) - Brock Lesnar
Aug 24th Live Event (Las Cruces, NM) - CM Punk, RVD
Aug 25th Live Event (Rio Rancho, NM) - CM Punk
Aug 31st Supershow (Boston, MA) - CM Punk
Sep 01st Supershow (Washington, DC) - CM Punk

RVD is currently scheduled for all TV tapings up to the Aug. 26th RAW taping. CM Punk is currently not advertised for any shows after August, other than the Sep. 1st show in Washington.

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