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By Brian Cannon on 2013-07-18 07:00:00

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 17, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, a main event tag team match is set involving OVW Heavyweight Champion Jamin Olivencia & #1 contender Jay Bradley, OVW Women's Champion Trina is in a 3-way match, Dylan Bostic defends the OVW Television Title against Rudy Switchblade, "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz has to wrestle with a fan chosen punishment for his losing streak, plus more!

Without further ado:
Here we go...
Pre-Show Dark Matches:
Flash Flanagan vs. Elvis Pridemoore.
Flash attacks Elvis and chops him. He throws Elvis off the ropes and Elvis tries a sunset flip for 2. He puts Flash in an armlock, but Flash rams him into the corner. He drives his shoulder into Elvis and throws him off the ropes. Elvis ducks, but then Flash ducks a roundhouse kick attempt. Flash chokes him with his boot and chops Elvis again. He rubs Elvis' face across the top rope and snapmares him to the mat. He tries to pin for 2. He delivers 3 more chops and tries to pin for 2. Elvis chops back, charges Flash, but Flash moves and Elvis runs into the corner. Flash then charges Elvis, but is caught with a boot. Elvis hits a roundhouse kick and a flying fist. He delivers a dropkick and follows it up with a slam. He goes up top, but Flash jumps back up and catches him. He hits Elvis and connects with a DDT from the top rope for 3.
WINNER: FLASH by pinfall.
"VIP" Joe Rosa (w/"The VIP Club" J. Best & Roberto De Luna) vs. Adam Revolver.
Adam gets VIP in a side headlock. VIP pushes him into the ropes, but Adam hits him with a shoulder block and locks the side headlock back in. He takes VIP down. VIP gets back up and throws Adam off the ropes, but Adam kicks him and connects with a clothesline. He splashes VIP in the corner. The VIP Club gets on the apron, and Adam hits them both off, but it allows VIP to hit Adam, connect with the V-I-P legdrop, and hit a Death Valley Driver for 3.
WINNER: VIP by pinfall.

4M: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus vs. Eddie F. Diamond (w/Timmy Danger).
EFD hits 4M with some juke and jive punches. He delivers 2 dropkicks and a back elbow. He goes for the E-F-D flying forearm in the corner, but 4M moves. 4M slams EFD. He poses, then goes for a powerslam. EFD slides off and 4M charges him. EFD moves and 4M hits the turnbuckle. EFD gets on all fours and 4M trips over him. EFD then hits the Soulja Boy Shuffle for 3.
WINNER: DIAMOND by pinfall.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 12 noon with replays Wednesdays at 9PM after WWE Main Event.

Jay Bradley comes to the ring and calls Jamin Olivencia "Nacho Oliveres" again. He says "Nacho" is afraid of him and that's why he attacked him and flipped a table on him last week. He nows he can't beat someone of his size.
Jamin comes to the ring and says he is not afraid and if memory serves him correctly, he left Jay lying in the ring last week. He then says the contract signed last week was bogus and he never signed it. Jay knows it, he knows it, and the fans know it. Jay says it's correct, but Jamin says he brought someone in to litigate the contract...Joseph Park.
Park comes to the ring and looks it over. He says the contract says if Jamin gets counted out or disqualified, Jay automatically wins the title? He says it also has a stipulation that Jay can take timeouts at his discretion? Jay says someone like him needs to stay hydrated. He also says that hispanic people like Jamin are known for lying, cheating, and stealing. Park says the paper is not worth the paper it's written on and tears it up. Jay says "Nacho" had to get a big guy to back him up. He says if he had a partner, he would take them on. Marcus Anthony walks out and Jay says he guesses he made a friend. So we have a main event of Jay Bradley & Marcus Anthony vs. Jamin Olivencia & Joseph Park.

Shiloh Jonze (w/Joe Coleman, Raul LaMotta, & Flash Flanagan (on commentary)) vs. Yaden Matthews.
Shiloh attacks Yaden. Yaden kicks Shiloh, but Shiloh pulls him down across the second rope and then jumps across him. He hits Yaden and rams him in the corner. He goes outside and pulls Yaden by the legs, low blowing him with the ring post. Back inside, Yaden slaps Shiloh, but Shiloh shoulders Yaden in the gut and pulls his head down across the top rope. He hits Yaden with a flying fist. He finishes him off with a scissor kick to get the 3.
WINNER: SHILOH by pinfall.

In the back, Randy Royal tells Rudy Switchblade he wants his title shot against Dylan Bostic. Rudy says no. Royal says he needs the money and says we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Rudy says he can do it any way he wants, but he's keeping his title shot for the Television Title. We then see Taeler Hendrix & Envy walking down the hallway and Taeler tells Envy that Wednesdays are for blue nail polish, not red. They walk in on Jessie Godderz, who wants some privacy, and they call him a loser.

TNA Knockout ODB comes to the ring. She says it's good to be back. She talks about how when she was in OVW, she started the Women's division. She won the first ever OVW Women's Title in Rio De Janeiro. She got arrested at a show at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. She wrestled with the likes of Beth Phoenix, Serena, Katie Lea, Alicia Fox, & Kelly Kelly. She said she wouldn't mind getting a little physical tonight, and asks for the toughest girl in the back to come out. Trina answers the call and says she is the OVW Women's Champion. Lei'd Tapa then comes out. ODB tells Tapa "Don't eat me." Tapa says that Trina might be champion, but she is the toughest here. ODB says how about we do a 3-way...BAM!
Lei'd Tapa vs. ODB vs. Trina.
Tapa hits Trina. ODB hits Tapa and chops her in the corner. Trina hits ODB, but ODB hits her back with a chest bump, then locks her in a headlock and slaps her in the butt. Tapa comes firing back on both, but ODB hits back and goes for a slam, but Tapa falls on top of ODB. ODB & Trina team up to take Tapa off her feet with a double shoulder tackle. Trina then rolls ODB up from behind for 2. ODB runs at Trina, and Trina pulls the top rope down causing ODB to fly out. She turns into a big boot from Tapa and Tapa gets the 3.
WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

In the back, Michael Hayes & Ali Vaez walk in to the building and stop off at the restroom where they laugh at Jessie Godderz and say "that's a lot of pink". We then see Jay Bradley talking to Marcus Anthony and telling him to bring his "beast mode" and he'll bring the "Boomstick". Marcus tells Jay he's not looking out for him, he's looking out for himself.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "The King of Pink & Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic (c) vs. Rudy Switchblade.
Dylan & Rudy have a good back and forth match going. Rudy catches Dylan with the elevated Boston Crab, but Randy Royal runs out and attacks Rudy.
Royal throws Bostic out of the ring and pounds on Rudy. Tony Gunn, who was wearing a sling on one arm, ran out to go after Royal. He got some shots in, but Royal fired back and threw Gunn into the barricade twice and had to be pulled away by officials and other superstars.

In the back, EFD & Timmy Danger are talking and also stop at the restroom and walk in on Jessie Godderz and laugh. The Assassin is standing behind them. They run away, and the Assassin looks in the restroom at Jessie and just shakes his head.

Dean Hill is in the ring and says Jessie Godderz had the world by a string. He was a Big Brother star, TNA star, and the ladies would probably say he has quite good looks. Ever since he split from his tag partner however, he has been losing and losing and losing. The fans got to vote and he brings out Jessie Godderz. His punishment is wearing a pink bunny suit.
Jessie yells he is not a loser and tells Dean he hates him and that this is all his fault. Dean says he is sorry he feels that way, but tells Jessie he is in control of how long he has to wear it.
Once he wins, he doesn't have to wear it anymore. Until then, he can't take it off or he'll be fined, fired, and lose his TNA contract.
"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Jack Dundee.
Dundee hits and slams Jessie. Jessie charges him, but runs face first into the turnbuckle. Dundee hits a moonsault off the top rope for the 3.
WINNER: DUNDEE by pinfall.

Marcus Anthony & Jay Bradley vs. Joseph Park & Jamin Olivencia.
Jamin locks up Marcus from behind. Marcus elbows him, but Jamin comes firing back. Jamin runs off the ropes, but is caught with a clothesline. Jay tags himself in, but Jamin fires away on him. Park is tagged and hits some slams on Jay. Park tags Jamin back. Jamin goes up top, but misses a splash. Marcus tags himself in and charges Jamin, but Jamin moves, and Marcus hits the corner. Jamin tags Park. Park takes Marcus down and hits a big slam. Jay tags in and yells at Marcus as Park tags Jamin back. Jamin knees Jay in the back. Marcus tags back in and as he argues with Jay, Park pulls Jay outside. As they brawl, Marcus hits Jamin with the Gamma Punch. Before the 3, Jay pulls the ref out. Jay & Marcus shove each other and Jay tells Marcus to get out. Jay hits Jamin with the Boomstick and gets the 3.
WINNERS: JAY & MARCUS by pinfall.
This ended the TV taping.
Post-Show Dark Matches:

Lovely Lylah, Taeler Hendrix, & Envy vs. Heidi Lovelace, Hannah & Holly Blossom.
Lylah with a side headlock on Holly. Holly reverses and tags Hannah. Hannah takes over and tags Heidi. Heidi headbutts Lylah in the ribcage and tags Holly back in. Holly with a side headlock takedown. Lylah elbows out and tags Envy. Envy runs in into a drop toehold. Side headlock, and Holly tags Hannah. Hannah rolls Envy up for 2. She tags Heidi who tries a small package for 2. Holly is tagged and tries to roll her up for 2. Envy kicks her ad drags her by her hair to her corner. Envy tags Taeler. Taeler chokes Holly and hits her in the chest. She kicks her and then slaps her in the chest. Lylah tags herself in. She charges Holly, but misses and runs into the corner. Holly tags Heidi. Heidi jumps up on Lylah's shoulders and plants her with a facebuster for 3.
After the match, the "Mean Girls" Taeler & Envy write loser on Lylah's forehead with lipstick.

"The Marauders" Joe Coleman & Raul LaMotta (w/Shiloh Jonze) vs. "The Really Really New Rockers" Rockstar Spud & Ryan Howe.
Howe & Spud run in after Coleman & Raul. Howe hits a Lou Thesz press on Raul and fires away. He hits Raul's head into the turnbuckle and tags Spud. They hit Raul with a double dropkick, and then Coleman who runs in. They flip Raul back in the ring. Spud hits Raul and tags Howe. Howe pounds Raul's head into the turnbuckle and tags Spud. Off the ropes, Howe hits his sliding uppercut, and Spud follows it up with a bulldog. As the ref tells Howe to get out, Raul pokes Spud in the eye and Coleman comes in. He slams Spud and elbows him in the chest. He tags Raul and then goes to the outside and pulls Howe from the ring apron. Raul chokes Spud across the rope and he & Coleman double team him as Howe tries to get in. Coleman stomps Spud in the gut and tags Raul. Raul kicks Spud and elbows him in the back of the head. Coleman causes a distraction by yelling at Howe that his music sucks. With the ref trying to keep them separated, Spud actually rolls Raul up, but there is no one to count. Spud tags Howe, and Howe fires away on both Raul & Coleman. He hits Coleman with a neckbreaker. Howe then hits the Chart Topper and tags Spud, but Raul distracts the ref. Shiloh shoves Spud off the top rope, and drags Coleman on top of Spud for the 3.

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