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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-17 08:55:00
Nikki Bella has a shin injury. That is why she's been on crutches of late.

In their usual post-PPV survey sent out to certain members of their audience, WWE asked those responding what they thought of Randy Orton holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. Interestingly, they did not ask the same question about Damien Sandow. Thanks to K.A. for their help.

A few readers have noted that former TNA referee Rudy Charles is now working as a ref in WWE developmental. He was quietly hired a few months back. Thomas was really well liked behind the scenes in TNA and helped out with alot of the logistical work during the Jeff Jarrett era.

There will be a pre-sale for the 10/13 WWE Philadelphia, PA return starting Thursday using code WWEPHILLY.

WWE will return to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday 9/8. There is an online pre-sale with the code WWELive currently ongoing.

Lovefilm in the UK (owned by Amazon) will be renting out WWE DVDs starting in October with the Summerslam and Night of Champions events. The forthcoming Triple H documentary and Goldberg DVDs are already listed for reservations. Lovefilm used to rent WWE titles back in the day, but had to stop in 2007 when the then rights holders (Silvervision) withdrew permission. Although Netflix has WWE content available on streaming in the United States and Canada, this will be the first time that WWE material will be available to rent in the UK via a similar service. This all follows Fremantle Media's acquisition of the WWE UK rights earlier this year. No word on whether Lovefilm or Netflix will be streaming any WWE content in the UK at this time.

WWE hosted a "Be A Star" rally in Newark, NJ on 7/15 with Natalya:

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