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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-20 08:59:00
This past Thursday, was on hand to cover the grand opening of the WWE Performance Center. Following the official ceremy, PWInsiderTV had the chance to talk with Triple H, Sheamus and WWE developmental talent Xavier Woods about a number of topics. Here are the PWInsider episodes:

Former WWE and World champion Sheamus joins PWInsiderTV at the Grand Opening of the WWE Performance Center, comparisons to the facilities he used in FCW, why he's jealous of today's WWE developmental talents, memories of the day he flew to the United States from Ireland to join WWE, what he went through to get his first WWE tryout, what was going through his mind in Orlando when he heard the Wrestlemania 28 crowd reaction after he defeated Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds, why that Mania match was a big moment for him personally, the mental toll a match like Money in the Bank takes on him, why he hopes he never has to visit the Performance Center's rehab facility, why you can't think about getting hurt in big matches, tonight's MITB All Stars Match and much more!

Triple H discusses the unveiling of the facility, where it ranks among his career milestones, wanting to protect the future of the wrestling business, the timeline of how long it's been in development, how the facility helps legitimize WWE to new outside partners, Vince McMahon's reaction to Triple H reaching out to get Bruno Sammartino to join the WWE Hall of Fame, his reaction when Bruno accepted, why he shouldn't take the credit for Bruno joining and much more!

PWInsiderTV catches up with WWE NXT star Xavier Woods, discussing the debut of the WWE Performance Center, how important WWE developmental has been for him, what it's like to enter the program after having experience elsewhere, the atmosphere of NXT at Full Sail Live, working on his third PHD, WWE's tuition reimbursement program for talents, his love of Broadway, how his WWE personality has evolved since coming to the company, whether we may see him on the main roster anytime soon and more!

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