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By Scott Random and Jason Harper on 2013-07-14 15:00:44

Jason Harper sent this report.

I saw that results were already up. I thought I would add my thoughts.

The evening started with a Q&A with Nigel McGuinness. This was scheduled to start at 6:15, but didn't start until 6:45. This was an in character Q&A and only lasted about 15 minutes. Nothing major or exciting. The high light of the Q&A was after a fan asked who Nigel thought should enter the tournament, Jimmy Jacobs came through the crowd and he and Nigel went back and forth with Jacobs demanding to be placed in the tournament.

During the autograph session, Jimmy Jacobs walked through the crowd selling his own autographs and made a KILLING. At $10 a pop, he must have made close to $500. No bumps needed.

Dark Match: Mike Sydel and two partners defeated. The Painkillers and another guy.
I didn't catch all the names. The ring announcer, a tall skinny lad, had a decent voice, but zero timing skills. The music and the ring mic were both at the same level so he was hard to hear as well. The match itself was decent and should be included as an extra on the DVD. Painkillers did a little comedy and had some good double team moves. Sydel got the pin.

Match 1: Tadarious Thomas defeated Kyle O'Reilly. Ok Opener. Thomas is from Detroit, but didn't have the crowd response that he has had at other shows. Nothing special, but nothing bad either.

Match 2: Mischeif defeated Leah Van Duesch, Jenny Rose, and Athena in a 4 way. Mischeif was dressed as Freddy Krueger complete with razor fingers which she kept trying to shake hands with. Match was above average and it was great to see women's wrestling in ROH again. Leah Van Duesch reminded me a little of Lacey with her face expressions and has a lot of potential. Fun match. After the match......

Silas Young comes out and orders the women to get to the back. Young is doing a "Last Real Man" gimmick

Match 3: Tommaso Ciampa defeated Silas Young after the match was restarted. A very physical match which saw Young use the timerkeeper's hammer to score the pin. Nigel, who was at ringside doing commentary, ordered the match restarted which led to Ciampa hitting his finisher for the win.

Match 4: Adam Cole defeated BJ Whitmer after faking a knee injury and rolling Whitmer into a small package. This was a disappointing match to say the least. I was expecting a show stealing match, but I was WRONG. Whitmer didn't sell a thing and they performed a paint by numbers match that looked like they couldn't wait to be done.

Match 5: Mike Bennett defeated Andy Muskrat with a piledriver. Muskrat is a local talent and this match was short, but solid. After the match, Maria ordered Bennett to continue to beat up Muskrat which led to Rhino making the save. Rhino, who got a HUGE pop, challenged Bennett and after some back and forth the match was on.

Match 6: Mike Bennett defeated Rhino after three superkicks and his version of the Rock Bottom. Good back and forth match showcasing both men. After the match, Maria brought a chair into the ring and told Bennett to finish Rhino. Bennett took too long which allowed Rhino to move out of the way, hit the Gore, and make Detroit happy.

Match 7: Bobby Fish defeated ACH. The second disappointment of the night. Neither of these guys really do anything for me. ACH appeared to be sucking air about 5 minutes into the match. Fish won with a kick to the head. Way too long and boring.

Match 8: Matt Taven defeated Kevin Steen. A Great match that was extremely entertaining. Steen is the best thing in ROH and had the crowd eating out of his hand. Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties are great at ringside. The redheaded Hottie has awesome facial expressions that really sold the action in the ring. After Truth interfered, Taven scored the pin using the ropes for leverage. After the match, Steen demanded Truth in a match and Nigel agreed, even going to the back and carrying Truth back to the ring.

Match 9: Kevin Steen defeated Truth Martini with a packaged piledriver. Delivered as it was suppose to be. Steen beat up Truth and the crowd loved it.

Match 10: American Wolves defeated Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal in an Awesome main event. Eddie Edwards forced Lethal to tap to an ankle lock for the win. Elgin is one strong dude and his strength was showcased in this match. Elgin was kept strong and his build to the main event scene continued. The Wolves remained strong and appear set to take the straps from Red Dragon. Lethal got in the least offense, but at this point, that didn't hurt him at all. Great ending to a solid night. After the match, Davey Richards got on the mic thanking the crowd, Elgin, and Lethal.

No return date announced.

Scott Random sent this report.

Here are a few notes not listed in the other ROH in Dearborn report:

I would guess attendance was around four to five hundred.

Around 6:30, there was a 30 minute Q&A with Nigel McGuiness. Nothing groundbreaking was asked or answered until Jimmy Jacobs came out. He asked why Nigel why he wasn't booked on the show, despite having the Match of the Night against Adam Cole the last time ROH was in Dearborn & why he wasn't in the ROH Title tournament. Later, during the pre-show autograph session, Jimmy Jacobs grabbed the mic & announced he was signing his own pictures for $10. He made his away throughout the crowd & seemed to do well.

Pre-Show Dark Match: Zizou Middoux, Mike Sydal and Hakim Zane def Painkillers and Paul Murray Jr

MsChif wore an awesome Freddy Krueger inspired outfit.

Bennett faced local wrestling veteran, Andy Muscat. Rhino saved his friend because they both competed for Insane Championship Wrestling in the mid-90's.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable show. It may have been the best show since ROH started running in Dearborn. At the very least, it rivals Survival of the Fittest 2010 for that title.


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