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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-17 09:39:00

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Do you see with the dominance of The Shield and impending debut of the Wyatt Family the WWE could be building to a feud there with the possibility of an introduction of a six man tag championship?

No, not at all.  WWE barely remembers it has tag titles at times.  They want to create singles stars, not a six man division.

When the WWE goes to Chicago, is there any specific reason why the event is always at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, rather than the larger, more modern United Center?

They go where they have a better relationship and where they get a better deal.  Plus, back in the nineties WCW ran The United Center so WWE formed a relationship with The Allstate Arena. 

Does WWE actually realize that they're burying Ryback? How are we supposed to believe in Ryback being the biggest threat on the roster with losing every single PPV match he had? Do you see any chance for him in the near future? Maybe teaming up with Paul Heyman after a Punk face turn since Ryback's mic-work ain't that good? Thoughts?

 It is not too late to undo the damage that they have done but they had better not do any more to him or it will be.  They can still save him.

WWE broadcasts on various channels in other countries. Is it that these countries don't get USA/SciFi? If they do, then why the need to broadcast on a separate channel?

Yep, is the reason.  Countries tend to have their own stations, though some do get some from the US.

Do you see Sabin being added to the Main Event Mafia. They came out during his match with Aires on Impact. The closing shot was Angle standing next to Sabin as they stared at A&8's. And considering the huge spot with Aires to win the match to challenge Bully, it would make sense. Plus, it gives a nice rub to Sabin, being associated with Sting and Angle.

I guess it could happen.  They plan on helping Sabin tomorrow night.  If he wins the TNA Title, he would certainly be worthy of joining.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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