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By Michelle Perlman on 2013-07-14 12:02:20

Sun Bank Arena was about 55% full. Every seat on floor was sold, few empty spots on lower level.  A lot was empty on the upper level.  The area by the entrance ramp was completely bare.  Here are the matches and my opinions.
11)      R-Truth vs Fandango.  Great opener with lots of comedy and they got the crowd pumped for the night ahead.  It is fun to watch Fandango dance when everyone knows that R-Truth would wipe a dance floor with him.  Summer Rae is good eye candy for the guys but I would love to see her assist her “dance partner” in his matches (distract the referee, attack Fandango’s opponent when the ref. isn’t looking, etc…) Fandango wins by pinfall.
22)      Curtis Axel cuts a promo for his match against the Miz.
33)      Funkadactyls vs Divas Champion AJ Lee and Brie Bella.  Naomi and AJ are amazing to watch in person.  Wish they would have a program already for the Divas title.  Cameron still needs a lot of training but did pull out a few good moves.  I never thought Brie could wrestle but she did fairly well tonight.  Naomi got the pin on Brie.  Sadly no children were brought into the ring this time to dance with them.
44)      Curtis Axel vs. the Miz.  Fans got to vote whether Paul Heyman could stay or go.  Come on people we are 40 minutes away from the birthplace of ECW, did you think we were going to let Heyman leave? Huge pop for Miz especially from children.  I have always been a fan of Axel, I see so much of his dad when he executes certain moves like his dropkicks! Funniest moment was when Miz went out of the ring as used a kid in the front row as his manager and they imitated Axel and Heyman.  Finish saw Miz with the Figure Four on Axel but he made the ropes.  Axel attempted to go for a count out but Heyman distracted him, causing Axel to get the roll up for the win.  Disappointed I didn’t get to see the “Perfect Plex” tonight but I hope he will do it tomorrow.  Excellent match!
55)      Alberto Del Rio cuts a promo insulting Trenton and Dolph Ziggler.
66)      Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus.  As a fan of those two, it was my favorite match! It took me back to when the two of them were competing in Irish Whip Wrestling in hopes of becoming WWE Superstars.  Only one person was missing from this match, but I think he was scouting for new arenas for himself and the rest of 3MB to perform their debut single in.  Back and forth match filled with power moves and wrestling.  Ending saw Sheamus nail Barrett with the Brogue Kick.
77)      Daniel Bryan, Christian and Randy Orton vs. The Shield.  Shield is so over with the adult audience but the kids kept them heel.  I have a feeling that it won’t be long until the Shield turns face and goes after the Wyatt family.  Match was entirely too long in my opinion and I felt bad for Christian because the crowd only wanted Bryan or Orton in the ring.  Orton, Christian and Bryan won by DQ when Reigns hit Randy with a chair.  Shield was about to do a Triple Power Bomb when Bryan came in with a chair.  Orton RKOed Ambrose and Christian speared Rollins. Randy and Christian went around the ring signing autographs and posing for photos while Bryan went backstage.  Possible heel turn for Bryan again? Guess we have to wait and see.
88)      ADR vs Ziggler.  What match?!?!  ADR hit cheap shots on Ziggler during ring introduction.  Bell never rang.  Crowd was very disappointed including this lifelong fan.  These two put on such an amazing match in Wildwood, this was the match I mainly came to see (Barrett vs Sheamus was not advertised).  Safe to say Ziggler is now 100% face and he got the last laugh on Del Rio.  Bad call on WWE management and bookers to not allow this match to happen.
99)      Team Rhodes Scholars vs Y2J and CM Punk.  This was the match of the night!! Funny that a month ago Jericho and Punk were fighting each other in Chicago and now they are a tag-team.  Best part of the entire match was the Best Tag-Team in the World (yes I came up with that name) mocking Damien Sandow and doing several cartwheels.  I just wish I could have gotten a photo of it or video.  Hopefully someone did.  Lots of tags and great wrestling by all four combatants.  Match ended with a combination of a Code Breaker and GTS on Team Rhodes Scholars for a double pin and victory.
110)  John Cena vs Ryback in a Tables match.  Typical Cena match with him winning.  I’m sorry but I had no interest in this match.  I will admit I was a Cena fan from 2002-2005 but when he became the modern day Hulk Hogan, I stopped caring.  Don’t get me wrong he still cuts great promos but it is time for a change in his character.  However I give the man a ton of respect. He has a young girl do his ring entrance with him.  She won an auction to do this from Superstars for Sandy.  John was a class act!
Crowd went home extremely happy and ready for Money In The Bank!      


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