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By Mike Specian on 2013-07-13 12:17:35

Here are live spoilers and impressions from the second ROH TV taping from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore on June 23.  This is for the episode that air this weekend.


WHAT TO WATCH:  C&C vs. ReDRagon for the Tag Titles was a spectacle.  Several other tag teams spent the majority of the match brawling at ringside so there was a lot to pay attention to.  It was entertaining while we were watching it live.  Chiampa and Marshall worked their assess off and told a pretty good story regarding Chiampa’s injured knee.  They had a solid match with some good moments, but it didn’t rise to the level of being spectacular.  If you like Bennett’s mic work, you’ll probably like his interview segment.


Match 1: Thomasa Chiampa def. QT Marshall (with RD Evans) in a Grudge Match in 13 minutes - Thomasa Chiampa was the overwhelming fan favorite.  His anger was unbridled.  He even started the match by flipping Marshall the double birds and telling him, “Go fuck yourself.”

A lot of this match was fought on the floor.  Chiampa threw Marshall into the barricade and then suplexed him on the exposed floor, sending the crowd into a frenzy.  They chanted “one more time,” Chiampa nodded hysterically and obliged.

Chiampa hit one running knee into Marshall in the corner, but Evans grabbed his leg on the second attempt.  This distraction allowed Marshall to gain control with a clothesline.  Then Marshall took over.  He nailed a dropkick while Chiampa was sitting on the top turnbuckle.  Marshall then dropped Chiampa knee first on the apron.  When Chiampa tried to block Marshall’s charge with his leg, Marshall grabbed it, put a ton of force on the top of his knee and Chiampa dropped like a bag of bricks. 
Chiampa would give an Oscar-worthy performance selling the knee for the rest of the match.  Marshall locked in a figure 4, but Chiampa recovered enough to knock Marshall to the floor and launched on top of him.  Both men were down.

At this point, Prince Nana came to the entrance ramp to survey the situation.  Both men barely made the referee's 20 count, but Chiampa looked out on his feet.  He fought back valiantly and defiantly, absorbing everything Marshall could throw at him.  He hulked up just enough to hit the kryptonite krunch.  Evans stormed the ring, but Chiampa chased him out right into Nana’s lap.  Evans whirled around again only to get nailed by Project Chiampa.  Chiampa’s facials communicated that his knee was absolutely killing him.

Marshall went for the pin, got 2 and chained into the stretch muffler.  Chiampa reversed into a small package for 2.  He then hit Marshall with a muay thai knee to the face and knees to face until he got the 3 count.


Match 2: Mike Bennett (with Maria and Brutal Bob) def. Mike Beverly in 8 seconds - Cheap shot, Box Office Smash and it’s over.  Bennett has paperwork in his hand and the mic.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Mike Bennett teased resigning his ROH contract, but disingenuously offered it to Cheeseburger before cheap shotting him.  Brutal Bob broke it up, but when he did Bennett attacked him.  Bennett concluded the segment saying, “Bob, I am no longer your Prodigy.  The Prodigy is dead.”

BENNETT: Should I stay or should I go?

(crowd: Go!  Stay!)

BENNETT: It seems to be the $6 million question these days, doesn’t it?  Should I stay here?  Or maybe I’ll go to Connecticut and collect a paycheck.  (crowd boos)  You know what?  Maybe I’ll stay.  What I have here is an official Ring of Honor contract.  They have been begging me, pleading with me practically on their knees, saying please stay, just like all of you people need me to stay.

BENNETT: What you do not realize is that you need me and I do not need any of  you.  This contract is very lucrative.  It’s very long and it means you people will be seeing me for an extremely long time.  (crowd chants yes)  See, exactly what I thought - typical Ring of Honor fans chanting, “Yes!  Yes!”  That’s what you do!  You think you’re so smart, don’t you?  You think you have it all figured out.  You people don’t know what a star would look like it if it bit you in the ass.  You know, you people boo me but you cheer for someone like Cheeseburger!?  (crowd chants  Cheeseburger, who is present at ringside)

BENNETT: Hey, you know what Cheeseburger?  We’ve had our problems, I’ll admit, but this is exactly what I’m talking about.  These fans are so stupid.  They’d rather see you!  So you know what?  This is what I’m going to do.  I have a very lucrative deal here.  How about I just offer it to you?  Come on in.  Come sign this.

Maria sat on the ropes as Cheeseburger slowly entered the ring.

BENNETT: I know we’ve had our issues.  But you proved something to me.  You’re tough and I respect that.  You know what, Cheese?  Look this [contract] over.  You’ve never seen one of those right?  How about this?  How about you sign this and you can be the next Ring of Honor star.  Come on, Maria, give him a pen.

Bennett then superkicked Cheeseburger right in the face.  Bennett laid into Cheeseburger with punches as Brutal Bob tried to pull him off.

BOB: I said that’s enough.  It ends now.

As Brutal Bob checked on Cheeseburger, Bennett gave him the Box Office Smash.

BENNETT: For far, far, far too long the Prodigy has been portrayed as one thing, but no longer.  Bob, I am no longer your Prodigy.  The Prodigy is dead.


Jay Briscoe came to the ring.

JAY BRISCOE:  You know, there’s been a lot of speculation about Best in the World.  A lot of people wondering about the health of Jay Briscoe.  It’s true.  I did reinjure my shoulder in my match against my brother, but I’m still breathing.  Matt Hardy, if you think I’m forfeiting this title you’re crazy, boy.  The only way you’re getting this title is if you pry it from my cold dead hands.  That’s all I got to say.  I’ll see you next week, bitch.


Match 3: ReDRagon successfully defended the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships vs. C&C Wrestle Factory in 12:10 - C&C controlled the match early with elbows, slams, punches and a leg lariat.  The flurry ended when Cedric flew through the middle ropes, taking out ReDRagon on the floor.  Kyle fought back, hitting Coleman with a double dropkick from the apron to the floor and an STO on Cedric.

At this point the American Wolves come down the ramp to observe, but then started jawjacking with Corino.  This drew out Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton and they all started brawling.  Soon Adrenaline Rush came out and attacked S.C.U.M. too.

Back in the ring, Coleman made a hot tag and just went bonkers.  He hit a double clothesline from the top rope, back spin kicks, and and STO.  Cedric recovered and hit rolling northern lights suplexes on Kyle for a two count.  The men on the outside were still brawling.

Kyle got the better of an exchange with Cedric and hit a knockout knee to the face and chained into a arm breaker.  Cedric was close to tapping before Coleman intervened.  Fish retaliated against Coleman with kicks, suplexes and a falcon arrow.  Kyle assisted with what looked like a Saito suplex.

After some general chaos, things got bad for Fish.  Cedric hit him with Trouble in Paradise.  Coleman put Fish on his shoulders and Cedric hit a double knee stomp to the back of his head followed by a death valley driver onto his knees.  Kyle broke up the near fall.  At this point, tons of security had arrived to break up the melee on the outside.

Cedric jumped over the top, landing on everybody on the outside.  Kyle was the only man left standing.  He tried to hit Coleman with a brainbuster, but Coleman kneed him in the head.  Coleman set Kyle on the top for his standing top rope hurricanrana, but Fish grabbed him, allowing Kyle to hit a spinning hurricane DDT.  They followed with Chasing the Dragon and Fish got the three count.

After the bell, it was a full-on brawl.  S.C.U.M. attacked C&C who attacked the Wolves who attacked S.C.U.M.  As the officials tried to break it up, the Wolves stared down ReDRagon.

CEDRIC: What are you doing out here, Davey?  Both of you!?

DAVEY: Are you serious?

C&C had just lost out on obtaining the Tag Team Titles and they were royally pissed.  Coleman dropped to his knees and waddled around while sticking out his chest to mock Davey.

COLEMAN: One time we’re going to get a title shot and ain’t no one going to be jumping in!

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