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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-13 10:00:00
big fan of the site, love the Q&A section. I wanted to know, if you could ask one wrestler, living or dead, one question, who would it be and what would you ask?

Wow, interesting question. I'd probably want to ask Bruiser Brody about his career, because he was a fascinating individual.

The content on the site is, as always – your hard work is greatly appreciated. I have a question for you about etiquette regarding asking for pictures. I recently attended my first indy show in years (PWX in North Carolina – a great show and very strong roster worth checking out), and before the show, the wrestlers were at merchandise tables greeting the fans, selling their merch, and taking pictures with fans. I didn’t ask to take any pictures because I didn’t know if they would feel slighted if I didn’t purchase an autograph. With that said, if one is going to ask to have one’s picture taken with a wrestler, is it considered impolite not to purchase an autograph first, or is it actually necessary to get a picture with the wrestler? Thanks.

It usually depends on the performer. Some are looking to sell photos obviously to make some cash. Others are happy to do it. It's best to see if they have prices listed. If they do not list one for a photo with, then you should ask. All you can do is ask!

Although it was ultimately never used, WWE made a Brahma Bull title belt for The Rock. Assuming it's still around, if Rock is still champion again at some point, do you think it would be a nice touch for Rock to start carrying it? They made it, so they might as well get some use out of it.

My guess is that we'll never see Rock as WWE champion again and that belt, if it's anywhere, it's in Johnson's trophy case.

WWE displays a lot of stuff at AXXESS, but where do they keep it?

WWE has a warehouse of artifacts housed in CT, all cataloged for them they are needed. They actually have a company archivist for that reason. Some of the materials are actually borrowed from former talents who loan it to WWE for the displays and get the materials back after the AXXESS events.

How mad is Ernest Miller at WWE for using his music for Brodus Clay's entrance?

I once interviewed Miller and while I wouldn't say he was mad, he certainly didn't like his original created material ("Somebody call your Momma") being used.

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