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By Gregory Davis on 2013-07-12 12:03:08

What a bizarre night this Ring of Honor Night of Hoopla was. I wonder how Stu Carapola would feel. Perhaps you guys could bring it up on Stu and Pid Show.
Truth Martini and Scarlett welcomed everyone to the show. We then all rise for the Hoopla Anthem, which is Scarlett singing about breasts and such to the tune of America the Beautiful, all while taking off her dress.
None of the referees were wearing pants. Yowza!
Matt Taven defeated Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole in a non-title match. It was mostly schanagans around the building, with fans holding Taven for chops, taking photos with fans' cameras, using a trash can, ect, as well as a lot of interference and fun with Scarlett and Selezia. Taven got the win, and we also got a couple eiffel towers from Edwards and Cole.
Jimmy Jacobs came out to sing both his song of Lacey, and perform his new single. It was what it is.

Jay Lethal def Delirious. Lethal was dressed as his Macho Man character, accompied by a "Sherri", and came out on a moving platform. Delirious was basically the Ultimate Warrior. Maria was the pantsless referee. This match was literatly a move by move rennactment of their Wrestlemania match. When Lethal was hitting his elbow drops, the crowd would chant "four more times" and "three more times" and such. In a shock, Lethal got the win. He then proposed to "Liz" Maria, who said no at first, but then said "oh yeah", before Bennett took her away. Quite the visual.

Next was the Pants Off Dance Off. Scarlett, Val, and Selezia were the participants. Judge Jeff Jones as the judge. Exactly what you would expect. No complaints! Before a winner was picked, Davey Richards came out. He says this company was built on wrestling, but started dancing anyway, and was declared the winner by Jones.

Silas Young comes out. "What the F*** S*** is this?" Leads to the match. A lot of stalling, and Truth makes it as lumber jill match: guys in drag., one of them ends up kissing Silas, and Davey wins. Quite a visual.

A band performed for intermission. Sucked, hard

Truth offered a fan a lapdance with Scarlett. He was blind folded, but intead got a dance with two "other" hotties..

reDRagon defeated Roderick Strong and Cheeseburger. A lot of beating up burger, but he looked good in flashes. The work with Strong was good as well. Champs retained.

"Satan" said we're all going to hell, got low blowed, and his pants were removed. Next.

Michael Elgin, BJ Whitmere, and MsChif defeated ACH, Tadirious Thomas,.and Athena. Lots of goofing off. Everytime Elgin went for a move on Athena, MsChif would yell at him. "Sleeping on the couch!" chants. Some parts looked great, while others were sloppy. Complete intergender action too, which seems different in ROH. In the end, Elgin and MsChif kissed, Elgin spit the mist, and won with the Elgin bomb.

The good was good, and the bad was really bad. But in all a fun night, which was what they wanted.

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