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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-11 10:00:00
What is going to happen to Ryback now? It feels like now his momentum is done? Whats your opinion...thanks.

My guess is that we will see him and Chris Jericho have a program this summer and possibly have Ryback end up in the World title picture. I don't think he'll be back in a program with Cena for the WWE title anytime soon.

Why does WWE treat us like we're stupid? John Cena can't give Mark Henry an AA when he's done it multiple times before along with much bigger guys than Mark Henry like Big Daddy V, The Great Khali and The Big Show, I'm watching Raw before MITB and Michael Cole just said Cena couldn't handle Henry's weight??? Am I crazy?

You aren't crazy but you have to remember that WWE is trying to hard sell the next show and what happened before will not stand in the way of that - it's all about the story they are trying to tell right now.

With the recent cutbacks implemented by TNA was there any thought of not resigning Taz? That way they could save even more money and by doing so sign more wrestlers and another announcer at half the cost.

I haven't heard of any discussion of TNA not wanting to sign Taz to his new deal - at all. The company likes his work.

When I saw the promo for The Wyatt Family I thought two words: Duck Dynasty. Coincidence or way off base?

Way off base. They aren't supposed to be a comedy deal.

Could WWE's Wellness Policy be an obstacle for a prolonged run back in McMahon's land for Rob Van Dam?

Only if he fails drug tests. He obviously had to pass in order to get signed to a new deal.

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