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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-12 10:00:00
Why would it be so bad to turn John Cena heel? I mean, he did good as a heel at the start of his career. Although he probably wrote his own lines, I belive he would be more over at this point of his career (since everyone except 10-year olds hate him) as a badguy. Look at Eddie Guerrero, who still sold merch (i know i bought t-shirts with Eddie-motives when he was heel, and I live in Norway!) even tho he was a bad guy!

It wouldn't be bad to turn John Cena heel, but it certainly would not be the best business decision for the company right now. Cena is the number one draw, their biggest crossover name and their top merchandise seller. You don't turn him for the heck of it, not when you could lose quite a bit of profit in the aftermath.

I just want to ask, what do you think is the best match ever. There has been so many matches and wrestlemania moments which stand out, but to me that will set the pace for a very long time is the undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. I have seen this match over and over again and I think what made this match so special is the two crash and burns that Shawn and Taker had, especially Taker. And they still gave it there all for more than 15 minutes which is hard for any wrestler after a crash like that. After that match most every match has like 20 kick outs after someone hits there finisher. So my question is (and it might be a stupid one) but do you think anyone will deliver a match like that in the next 20 years

I have seen a lot of amazing wrestling matches, all with different styles. To me, the greatest matches of all time that I've seen in my lifetime are Flair vs. Steamboat, Guerrero vs. Malenko, Misawa vs. Kobashi and Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels. As far as anyone having a match on the level of Undertaker and Michaels, it's going to take two talents who have the history and work ethic that they did going into Wrestlemania 25, and that's not going to come along anytime soon.

Love your site. I have a question about the Wyatt Family. They have been portraying themselves as this tough crazy kind of family/cult and when you watch raw it says they are on twitter. Wth, don’t you think it makes them look weak?

I absolutely agree with you, because I can't imagine the likes of Bruiser Brody, The Sheik, Sabu or Abdullah the Butcher having social media accounts, but this is the world we live in and it's a world where WWE works to derive as much money and attention that they can with the tools they have been given. So, it is what it is.

On SmackDown!, CM Punk and Del Rio's match went to a Double Countout, but it was ruled a No Contest. However on this last Raw, Del Rio vs. Sin Cara went to a Double Countout as well (the ref never counted and Sin Cara exited the ring which I thought mean the ref has to restart his count anyway) but it's staying as a Double Countout. And then the Divas Tag Team Match on Raw was ruled a No Contest even though Kaitlyn attacked AJ. Kaitlyn wasn't the legal Diva but AJ was. They went outside (no count either) and it ends abruptly after the spear. 3 matches with similar endings but 3 different results, why would they do that? Also why weren't there DQs?

They did exactly what the WWE Creative team wanted and that lack of logic is exactly why some fans just throw up their arms. But, WWE retains the right to change their rules and logic anytime they want - it's their universe and they make the rules.

Assuming) Cena goes over Henry. Bryan wins MITB. Does Cena's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend actually have a shot of winning the "Cena Championship Title" or is he stuck with the "Smackdown belt"? Ok, my snarkiness aside, how do you see it playing out? Is Henry getting one shot at the title (ala Hogan's monster opponent of the month) or do they stretch it out?

All signs are Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena at Summerslam, so it's possible Bryan wins the briefcase and then cashes in on the winner of Cena vs. Henry. We will see!

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