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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-09 18:19:46
TNA officially released Matt Morgan today. Unlike the most recent round of releases, this was something Morgan requested about a month ago, so it was a case of him wanting out of his contract, not a case of budget cuts. Morgan's release was finally officially granted today.

Morgan, a former WWE star, debuted in TNA back in 2007. During his run there, he won the Ring Ka King championship for the one and only season of that Indian television-produced series and held the TNA Tag team championships on several occasions.

Morgan's most recent run in the company saw him teaming with Joey Ryan and wearing Hulk Hogan's original cape. Morgan seemed primed for a push into the TNA title picture, but for whatever reason, creative went in another direction.

Since Morgan is a legit seven footer who can cut really good promos, one would think he'll be able to punch his own ticket in terms of where he wants to go.

Morgan has not officially commented on departing the company and he is still listed on TNA's website, but his departure has been confirmed.

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