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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-10 09:59:00

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Something I’ve thought about often over the last year, watching both WWE and TNA struggle with this at times…has the wrestling business truly moved beyond heels and faces? In some cases, yes, I see that there is still a need for a few characters to have straightforward approaches. CM Punk is to me the most glaring example of a wrestler who just doesn’t fit the mold. His on air persona has suffered when WWE has attempted to place him squarely in one camp or the other.

 I couldn't agree more.  I am not saying get rid of the structure completely, but it's clear that at times the companies, WWE especially, does not listen to the fans.  WWE rose to their highest point in the late 1990s letting talents be unique and then listening to who the fans cheered for or against.  I would love to see them do that again.  It would make the product a lot more interesting.

With RVD coming back at MITB and the possibility of Taz coming back, do you see RVD coming in as a heel or face. Do you think he will be with Heyman. If Taz leaves TNA, do you see him coming back as a manager or an announcer if he chooses to come back to WWE?

Well, Taz is out of the equation now since he re-signed with TNA.  In RVD's case, I have him come back as his own man and see where it goes from there.

I don't want to be mean but will WWE be better when Vince is dead?

It is really impossible to say.  I think that it has the potential to improve a lot since I think many of the company's creative issues are directly attributable to him, but I can't say for sure that things will improve when he is gone.

Do you think the fans are too hard on Ryback? To me he doesn't reflect Goldberg at all anymore. He's more similar to warrior now. Do you think the fans should stop the Goldberg chants to Ryback?

I think it is goofy, yeah.  There was a bit of a comparison at first, since Ryback was undefeated, but overall it was always passing at best to me. 

Hi guys, loving the Q&A as usual. Question. If you'd have been Vince McMahon in 2002 when the WWF (wildlife) won the case over the WWF (wrestling). Would you have done the same as Vince and 'got the F out' and gone WWE or do you have any other ideas on how the brand could have changed?

No, if I were Vince I would have honored the agreement I made with The Fund and would have never had to change my company's name.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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