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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-08 09:59:00

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I was a big fan of pairing Zeb Coulter with Jack Swagger because of Swagger's limited ability on the mic. But why pair Coulter with Antonio Cesaro who is pretty good in promos? However, anything to get Cesaro back on TV is fine by me.

Basically, Vince and company lost faith in Cesaro so you should just be happy he is getting any kind of push now.  If Vince likes him with Zeb it's better than push at all.

While watching a battle royal on TV, I saw one wrestler actually tickle the underarms of another to try to get him eliminated. The announcer tried to sell it as the wrestler was willing to do anything since it was to crown a champion. I was grossed out by it and still can't get the image out of my head. Would you call this booking creative, corny, or creepy?

I would go with creepy and corny.  I wouldn't want someone tickling my underarms.

With Vince and Triple H in a power struggle do you think this could build up to a Wrestlemania match but instead of HHH vs. Vince Vince hires Brock Lesnar to take on HHH to finish there rivalry?

There is a lot of talk that the McMahon power struggle will continue to Mania.  If that happens, I would think it will culminate in a "stakes" match.  Vince is too damn old to wrestle now so I hope if it happens he picks someone to do it for him.

A lot of people have called for Zack Ryder to be pushed better than he is.. First off, I've never seen "it" in him as, he just comes off too goofy and, even when he tries to be serious, he is goofy.. But, I do respect the fact that he got himself "over" and, has worked hard to try to be noticed when, a lot of guys have just coasted along.. Do you think it would benefit him to take the goofy "Sun-In Orange" out of his hair, change his look some, ring gear, turn heel, and make a push for the office to bring in "The Big-O" as his bodyguard? I think that would be his only hope and, then "The Big-O" could sit back and learn the business and, do some tag-team matches with Ryder as he comes along..

Personally, I never thought Zack should be pushed at the top.  I just thought it was stupid that Vince didn't find a good midcard role for him since he was obviously over with the fans.  I don't know that he will ever be more than a midcard guy now matter how they push him.

What was the purpose of the early years of the Royal Rumble? The reason I ask is because, Jim Duggan won the first one and, didn't technically get a shot at the title (although was in the WM IV tournament).. Same goes for Big John Studd and, Hogan was the champ when he won in 1990.. Did they just have the Rumble for the sake of having it back then?

Early on, it was an event, something to use as a PPV concept.  The automatic title shot stipulation was added much later.

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