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By Brian Cannon on 2013-07-07 07:54:21

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, July 6, 2013. Tonight, Jamin Olivencia defended the OVW Heavyweight Title against Rob Terry, Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez defended the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against Crimson & Jason Wayne, Lei'd Tapa faced off with Epiphany, Dylan Bostic defended the OVW Television Title against Eddie Diamond, plus much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Taeler Hendrix & Nikki St. John vs. [OVW Women's Champion] Trina & Heidi Lovelace.
Taeler & Nikki attack from behind to start the match. They both choke Heidi in the corner with their boots. They double team and hit Heidi while the ref is distracted with Trina. Nikki stomps Heidi and bangs her head against the mat. Taeler tags in and hits Heidi across the back. She locks in a sleeper, but Heidi tries to elbow out. Taeler grabs her by the head and pulls her down to the mat. She goes over and smacks Trina. Trina tries to get in and again Taeler & Nikki double team Heidi while the ref tries to keep Trina in her corner. Nikki hits Heidi and tags Taeler back in. Taeler slaps Heidi, and Heidi gets angry and slaps Taeler back. Taeler locks in a reverse headlock, but Heidi hits a chinbuster. Taeler hits Trina before Heidi can make a tag. Taeler goes to grab Heidi, but Heidi kicks her off and makes the tag to Trina. Trina comes in on fire. As she goes off the ropes, Heidi makes a blind tag. Trina fights with Nikki on the outside as Heidi goes up top and hits a flying body press on Taeler. Instead of going for the pin, she sets up in the corner and spears Taeler. Nikki gets back in and hits Heidi from behind. She charges after Heidi, but Heidi pulls down the top rope and Nikki flies to the outside. Heidi turns around and Taeler grabs her by the neck, but Heidi swats her hand away and grabs Taeler and plants a kiss of death on her. Heidi rolls her up and gets the 3.
WINNERS: TRINA & HEIDI by pinfall.

Elvis Pridemoore vs. Tony Gunn.
Elvis drops Gunn, then misses an elbow drop. Gunn with a fireman's carry. Gunn delivers 2 hip tosses, but Elvis kicks Gunn's wrapped up leg. Gunn chops Elvis and hits a backdrop, but Elvis comes back and kicks Gunn's leg again. Elvis chops Gunn in the corner and dropkicks his bad leg. He backs up and charges, but Gunn moves. Gunn hits a back elbow and faceplants Elvis. Randy Royal runs out and attacks Gunn to cause a disqualification.
Royal grabs a mic and says Gunn took everything from him and the bill collectors are after him, as he continues to kick and stomp Gunn.

Paredyse & Bodyguy (w/4M: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus) vs. Lambda Lambda Lambda: Stephon J. Baxter III & Albert Einstein Baxter II.
Paredyse & Bodyguy attack from behind to start the match. They go to throw the Baxters into each other, but the Baxters swing around and dropkick them. They go to throw Paredyse & Bodyguy into each other, but Paredyse & Bodyguy shove them off into each other. Bodyguy hits Albert and tags Paredyse. Paredyse rubs Albert's face into the mat and then hits a backdrop. Bodyguy tags back in and hits a backdrop as well. Paredyse tags back in and hits a clubbing blow off the top rope. He clotheslines Albert and tags Bodyguy back in. Bodyguy snapmares Albert as Paredyse yells to finish him. Bodyguy goes for an elbow drop, but misses. Paredyse yells at him to try again. Again, Bodyguy misses. Paredyse tags in and misses a legdrop off the second rope. 4M gets on the apron and grabs Albert. Paredyse charges at him, but Albert wiggles loose and Paredyse knocks 4M off the apron. Bodyguy runs in to hit Albert, but Albert moves, and Bodyguy hits Paredyse. Albert gets the tag to Stephon. Stephon hits Paredyse, gives him an atomic drop, and then hits the big butt off the ropes. Albert runs in and sunset flips Bodyguy as Stephon pins Paredyse for a double 3-count.
WINNERS: BAXTERS by pinfall.

Jay Bradley vs. Aaron Sky.
Aaron fires away on Jay, Jay fires back, but then misses a big boot and gets his leg hung up on the top rope. Aaron hits a dropkick and then a body press for 2. Jay flips him over the top rope, but Aaron lands on the apron. He goes up top, but Jay kicks him with his long leg in the face. He kicks Aaron, delivers a backbreaker, and then hits the Boomstick for 3.
WINNER: BRADLEY by pinfall.
After the match, Jay reminds Jamin Olivencia & Rob Terry that he's #1 contender and will be keeping an eye on their match tonight.

OVW TV TITLE MATCH: Eddie F. Diamond (w/Timmy Danger) vs. "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling & King of Pink" Dylan Bostic (c). 
Dylan slaps EFD in the face, and EFD slaps him back. EFD slams Bostic and goes for the Soulja Boy Shuffle. Dylan rolls away to the corner. EFD goes for the flying E-F-D forearm, but misses. Dylan works EFD over and hits a dropkick. He works him over some more, but misses a dropkick. EFD fires away and headbutts Bostic. Danger gets on the apron and yells at EFD to go for the Soulja Boy again. EFD hits an atomic drop on Dylan that sends him flying into Danger, knocking Danger off the apron. As EFD looks out of the ring to check on Danger, Bostic rolls him up from behind for the 3.

6-MAN TORNADO TAG TEAM WAR: The Coalition's Suicide Squad: "Thunderlats" Joe Coleman & Delta Team Bravo: "Rudo" Raul LaMotta & Shiloh Jonze vs. Rudy Switchblade & The Really Really New Rockers: Rockstar Spud & Ryan Howe.
Rudy, Spud, & Howe come out on fire, but the Coalition gets the upperhand and handcuff Howe & Rudy to the ringpost, leaving Spud to fight for himself.
Spud keeps fighting as best he can. Shiloh gets a chair and goes to hit Spud, but accidentally clocks Raul. Coleman and Shiloh try to powerbomb Spud, but he reverses it into a hurricanrana, with Shiloh falling on Coleman.
Spud gets the key from Coleman and tosses it to Rudy & Howe to undo the locks. Rudy & Howe come back on fire. Chair shots are delivered to Coleman & Shiloh. Spud then dives outside on Coleman & Shiloh. Back inside, Howe hits the Chart Topper on Raul, followed by a frog splash from Rudy. Coleman gets back up and pulls the ref out. Meanwhile, Flash Flanagan runs out from the back with a kendo stick. He nails Rudy in the back and Howe in the head. Raul gets the pin.

During intermission, one of the super fans of OVW, a young boy we nicknamed "Micro" because he looks like a micro version of Bully Ray, was giving it to Michael Titus. We got a "Micro" chant going for him, causing Terry Boddie to ask Titus "What has two thumbs and is more over than you?" and pointed to Chance "Micro" Karpinski.

Lei'd Tapa vs. Epiphany.
Eddie Diamond comes to the ring and says things have gotten a little out of control, but he still loves him some Epiphany, and then tells Tapa her lips might say no, but her eyes are telling him yes.
Tapa hits and clotheslines Eddie, and Epiphany hits Tapa from behind. She butt bumps Tapa in the corner and checks on Eddie. Tapa hits Epiphany. Epiphany throws Tapa in the corner, hits her and throws her off the ropes. They collide, but neither woman goes down. They both go for hip tosses, but block each other's attempts. Tapa catches Epiphany with a big boot for 2. Tapa chokes Epiphany and slams her head into the mat. Epiphany comes back and powerbombs Tapa! Tapa kicks out at 2. Tapa shoves Epiphany into the ropes and Eddie holds on to her leg. Epiphany turns around and asks what he is doing, calling him "stupid boy", which got a "stupid boy" chant going. Epiphany turns around into Tapa's spinning diamond cutter finisher for 3.
WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.
After the match, Eddie gets in the ring to check on Epiphany and help her up. Epiphany kicks him and powerbombs him! The crowd went crazy and started chanting "one more time", and Epiphany obliged, powerbombing Eddie a second time!
OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry vs. Jamin Olivencia (c).
Jamin locks Rob up from behind, but Rob slings him off. Jamin tries an armbar, but Rob slings him down again. Rob with a big forearm. Jamin puts Rob in a headlock, but Rob shoves him into the corner. Jamin locks Rob up from behind again, but Rob gets out and locks in an armlock. Jamin kicks at Rob's legs, but Rob flings him down. Rob delivers a giant hip toss across the ring. He hits a jackhammer, but Jamin kicks out. He locks an armlock on Jamin again. Jamin tries to fight out, and Rob just slings him down. Jamin slides under the bottom rope and as Rob goes to grab him, Jamin pulls his head across the top rope. Jamin goes up top for a missile dropkick, but Rob side steps it and Jamin crashes. Pin attempt for 2. Rob locks Jamin's arm up again, and kicks his leg out from underneath him. He hits some shoulder blocks and a big slam. He elbows Jamin in the chest and locks his arm up again. Jamin headbutts Rob in the chest. Rob throws him into the ropes, but Jamin comes off with a high knee. Jamin with a flying forearm and his kamikaze splash in the corner. He goes to the second rope and this time, connects with the missile dropkick. He goes back up top, but Rob rolls out of the way of the jumping reverse splash.
Rob forearms Jamin, hits an inverted atomic drop, and then a clothesline. He splashes Jamin in the corner. Jamin elbows Rob and goes up top, but Rob clubs him in mid-air. Rob hits a powerbomb and Jay Bradley makes his way out. Rob gets distracted and Jay says he's just here to watch. Rob turns into a Standing O for 2. Jamin goes for another Standing O, but Rob backflips him. He rams Jamin into the corner. He goes for another powerbomb, but Jamin reverses it into another Standing O. Rob kicks out at 2 again! Jamin stomps Rob and hits him in the back. He punches Rob and goes off the ropes, but Rob catches him for a powerslam. Jamin kicks out at 2! Jay throws some wrist tape in the ring to distract the ref, and then trips Rob. Jamin yells at Jay, and turns around into another powerbomb from Rob. Again, Jamin kicks out at 2! Rob picks Jamin up for another powerslam, but slings Jamin into referee Chris Sharpe. Rob delivers the powerslam, but Jay has grabbed a chair. He cracks Rob in the back and then throws the chair on top of Jamin. Rob turns around and sees Jamin getting up with the chair. They argue as Jay stands on the apron. Jamin nods to Rob, throws the chair to Jay, and Rob hits the chair into Jay's face, sending him flying off the apron. They go back at it, exchanging blows. Jamin jumps on Rob's back for a sleeper hold, but Rob rams him back into the corner. He charges, but Jamin moves, and Rob hits the corner. Jamin jumps up on the second rope and plants Rob with a Standing O to get the 3 count and the win.
After the match, Jamin & Rob shake hands.

Before the match, Gilbert Corsey announces the Storey family is in attendance. The wife, son, and daughter of a man killed in the explosion in Iraq, where Michael Hayes was the only survivor. This was the first time the son of the squad leader Storey had ever met Michael, and they traveled all the way from Massachusetts to see the show. The crowd stood up and applauded and a "USA" chant started to lead us into...
OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Coalition Generals: Crimson & Jason Wayne (w/Ghillie) vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes (c).
Ali punches Wayne, goes off the ropes, and hits a hurricanrana. Hayes hits Wayne for good measure and Wayne tags out to Crimson. Ali tags Hayes.
Ali hits a drop toehold on Crimson and Hayes delivers an elbow drop. They hit a double hip toss on Crimson. Wayne tags back in and Hayes fires away. He kicks Wayne and Wayne tags back out to Crimson. Crimson kicks Hayes, punches him, and chokes him in the corner. He shoulders Hayes in the corner, backs up, charges, and runs into a back elbow. Crimson tags to Wayne, and Hayes tags Ali. Ali dropkicks Wayne. Ghillie sneakes in the ring, but Ali sees him and hits him with a jumping neckbreaker. Wayne grabs Ali and throws him shoulder first into the ringpost. Crimson tags in and works over Ali's bad shoulder. Wayne tags in, kicks Ali, and throws him outside. Crimson starts lurking around to Ali, but Hayes comes around and fights with Crimson at ringside. Meanwhile, Wayne grabs a table from underneath the ring and sets it up outside. Wayne rams Ali into the barricade and sets him on the table. He goes up top, but Hayes comes around and pushes Ali off the table. Crimson sneaks around the other side of the ring and hits Hayes from behind. Wayne gets down and grabs Ali and rolls him back in the ring. He works Ali over. Ali tries to leap and tag Hayes, but Wayne catches him and rams him into the corner. Wayne goes for "Bombs Away", but Ali moves and tags Hayes. Hayes hits, headbutts, and backdrops both Crimson & Wayne. Hayes goes to the second rope and hits a flying headbutt on Wayne. Joe Coleman, Shiloh Jonze, & Raul LaMotta run out, but so do Rockstar Spud, Ryan Howe, & Rudy Switchblade. Rudy, Howe, & Spud fight them off to the back. Crimson takes out Hayes' leg and then removes his prosthetic. Wayne stomps Hayes and they go for a spike piledriver. Ali gets up and shoves Wayne off the top rope through the table set up on the outside.
Ali throws Hayes his leg, and Hayes hits Crimson. Ali & Hayes then deliver a spike piledriver to Crimson for the 3.
After the match, Michael Hayes grabs the Coalition's flag, rips it off the flagpole and drapes it over Crimson & Wayne laying in the ring.

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