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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-07 09:59:00

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I just finished watching the new War Games DVD. I was overall very pleased with how it turned out. My question is about Chris Benoit being apart of it. I know you can't remove the fact that he was apart of war games but on the other hand do you think the WWE is starting stop distancing themselves from the tragedy that took place?

 Not at all.  They will never distance themselves from the heinous things he did.  They just felt that they needed to leave his footage in the DVD.

Did the WWE actually hurt the Shield by giving them the titles? They went from the most dominant six-man team to losing six-man matches that set up their tag-team title and U.S. title matches. WWE Creative really cannot come up with innovative ways to make challengers look strong going into their title matches, can they?

I don't think that is it as much as they haven't been booked as strongly of late.  At first them getting the titles actually made them seem more important to me.  But they have had them lose more lately and that is why they don't seem as strong as they did.

If you were booking a cult group like the Wyatt Family, wouldn't you have them come in as faces? A cult leader is supposed to be charismatic. People are supposed to believe in them, but if you come in as a heel, you take the mystique off the group - if you look at things purely from what you see about cults. This is wrestling, but they went through a lot of trouble with those vignettes...they should do something unique and real with them. What do you think?

You could, but I wouldn't.  I wouldn't necessary bring them in as heels either.  I would let them do what they have been doing and let the crowd react the way that they choose and then go from there. I would like to see less obvious, more interesting booking.

With Matt Bourne's passing do you think the Doink character should be retired? Given that others are known to have portrayed it. On the same token should Doink ever get into the hall of fame do you think the others should be inducted as well? (I believe Skinner & Brooklyn Brawler were Doink too right?)

I think the character should indeed be retired at this point out of respect.  A lot of people have played it but many, like me, associate it with Borne.  I could see WWE putting the character in the Hall one day.

Is it me or is that John Cena shirt that says "The champ is here" and then points down to a belt drawn on his shirt terrible?

It is indeed pretty goofy.  Cena has had a lot of bad clothing articles.

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