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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-06 10:44:23

The wrestlers that used to be marketed as the Raw brand finished their three day tour of the East today with their show in Taipei, Taiwan.  They get to spend tomorrow flying across the world for Monday's Raw in Baltimore.  Out of curiosity, I checked the route for the fastest commercial flight and it's 20 hours and 23 minutes, with two stops along the way. If you miss one of the hops, it goes up to over 26 hours.  Those folks are a lot tougher than I am, I will tell you that.

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog.  In it, he talked about the latest net rumors of Sting going to WWE saying, "My Twitter, @JRsBBQ, timeline is being hammered with the latest Sting rumors of him coming to WWE at some point in the future. Are these rumors of any significant difference than the basic, same ones that we've been hearing since WCW closed their doors or every time Sting's contract nears it's end? As best that I know, Sting is very happy where he is currently working and has no plans to launch a WWE in ring career at the age of 54. I've known Sting since day one and have immense respect for the man and do feel that he will be a WWE HOFer some day. There's some cool stuff on the Mid South DVD with Sting and his tag team partner Rock aka Ultimate Warrior in their Blade Runner incarnation.  I cannot predict the future but these daily, Sting-to-WWE rumors are merely internet dribble and are unfounded although they always seem to make for interesting fan chatter. Obviously, something as simple as Sting appearing in a WWE promo last week in the build to the WWE vs. World Title match featuring Cena vs. Del Rio likely fueled this fire, too."  You can read the whole blog by clicking here.

I see it the same way.  Sting has talked with WWE in the past and never gone there.  There's a reason for that.  And given the way he has been treated by TNA, I would be really surprised if he screwed them by going to WWE.  You never know, but again I would be surprised.

Orlando's Channel 13 did an interview with Randy Orton at this link where he talked 12 Rounds and the new WWE Performance Center, which officially opens on Thursday.

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