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By Jose Perez on 2013-07-06 08:59:00

World Wrestling League (WWL)

The WWL has been busy over the last few weeks.  They are getting ready to debut in Mexico this weekend with the much anticipated event “WWL: Dream Matches Tour”, taking place at the Arena Coliseo de Monterrey on Sunday July 7th starting at 5:00PM.   

Scheduled to appear at this first international show for the WWL are: WWL’s World Champion “Monster Pain” w/ Mistress Glenda Lee, Big Daddy V, WWE Hall Of Famer - Mil Mascaras, Sicodelico Jr, Los Villanos III y IV, Blue Demon Jr, Ivelisse Vélez, Taya Valkyrie, Laredo Kid, “Hombre Sin Miedo”, Estelaris Jr., Ninja, Jr., Máscara Purpura, Rico Rodríguez, Colt Cabana, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Axel "El Nieto del Santo", El Hijo de Fishman, Hugo Savinovich, Los Mamitos (Mr. E. y Sexy B.), Ricky “El Mesías” Banderas, “El Leon” Apolo, Cibernético, Hijo del Perro Aguayo, La Parka, amongst other great talent that will be taking part of the show.

This first appearance of the World Wrestling League in Mexico has been talked about and discussed by a lot of wrestling fans there.  It has garnered interest from different local and international media outlets and ticket sales are going very well.  A large crowd is expected for this event. The column for next week we will have full coverage with match results from the show as well as news and notes regarding everything that happens in Mexico.

Ticket prices for this Mexico event are:
Ring Side 1st to 5th row: $500 MX
Ring Side 6th to 10th row: $350 MX
General Admission: $200 MX
Bleachers: $100 MX & kids $50 MX

WWL also continues to work on the details for the rest of the tour dates.  The dates and cities announced at this point are:

August 2nd @ Eagle Pass, Texas
August 4th @ San Antonio, Texas
October 26th @ Bayamon, PR

One match has been announced for the Texas events, that being between two WWE Hall Of Famers, as Terry Funk will be facing Mil Mascaras.  Other talents that will be taking part of the different cards in the tour are WWC’s Carlito Caribbean Cool, John Morrison, Matt Hardy and “Extreme Tiger”.  It is expected that the promotion will be announcing a few more dates in coming weeks for shows with very strong suitors being Dominican Republic, Ecuador and California.

World Wrestling League has appointed DWE Heavyweight champion Rico Cassanova as their new “General Manager”.  Cassanova has already introduced the beautiful Argentinean Dulce “La Piba” Minotti as his assistant.  It will be interesting to see how they develop these characters and how they integrate them in the flow of the storylines as they continue to build an audience.

On another note from WWL, they have moved from TV stations in Puerto Rico as well as day and time.  Now they can be seen on “Punto 2” every Wednesday night at 9:00PM.  “Punto 2” is part of the NBC/Telemundo local network and can be seen on the following channels and cable systems:  channel 88 on Liberty, channel 862 on One Link, channel 3 on Dish Network and channel 39 on Choice, as well as on channels 2.2 on digital boxes and 12.2 on the west coast of the island.

World Wrestling Council (WWC)

WWC’s “Summer Madness 2013” was held last Saturday night at the “Hector Sola Bezares Coliseum” in Caguas, PR.  The following is the report filed about what took place in the event:

In front of a packed arena, with estimates of over 8,500 fans in attendance, the company put up a strong effort with this event.  Good, entertaining matches for which the crowd was hot all throughout the evening.

This show had a “throw-back” feel to it, and for very good reason.  The main event of the evening was between two legends of professional wrestling in the Puerto Rico scene: Carlos Colon Sr. vs. Invader #1.  

I went to the arena to with the intention of attending the event live.  However, when I arrived, the line to purchase tickets was long enough that it went around the building with approximately 1,800 waiting.  I have not seen this type of turnout and excitement for a WWC event in close to a decade.  I actually returned home to watch the show on iPPV.  Here are the results from the show:

WWC Jr. Heavyweight Title - Battle Royal
AJ Castillo became the new champion after defeating “Diabólico”, Barrabas Jr., Steve Joel, Zcion RT1, Jay Velez and the returning Ricochet

Xix Xavant defeated “Cuban Assassin” Fidel Sierra w/ Fantasy

WWC Universal Heavyweight Title Match
Chris Angel retained the Universal title after defeating Kenny Dykstra

WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Match
“El Chico Ilegal” Chicano retained the PR title after defeating Bronco #1

WWC World Tag Team Title – Triple Threat Match
Sons of Samoa became the new Tag Team champions after defeating the teams of Thunder & Lightning and Andy Leavine & Samson Walker

Retirement vs Mask/Hair Match
“Super Fenix” w/ Orlando Toledo defeated “Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez.  In my humble opinion this was the match of the evening.  Both men worked really hard and had the crowd eating every move they made.  The false finishes in this one were so well executed that even the an experienced referee like “Pelayito” Vazquez found himself confused at two different points in the latter stages of the match.  Gonzalez looked shocked while sitting in the ring after the match.  There was a complete silence in the arena for a few minutes until Gonzalez stood up and started took a bow in the middle of the ring.  At that point the crowd gave him a huge ovation.  Lightning and Chicano came out to the ring and hugged Gonzalez in the ring.  Gonzalez, with tears in his eyes, then went around the ringside area shaking hands with the fans.  When he got to the entrance way he turned to say thank you to the fans once again and then disappeared through the curtains.  There were a lot of fans that were very moved by what happened and were crying.  It was a very surreal moment.

“El Boricua Mayor” Savio Vega defeated Carlito Caribbean Cool.  Solid match put together by these two.  Towards the end of the match Carlito took a bite of the apple and went to spit it on Vega, but he ducked.  Vega immediately went for the “green mist” and this time Carlito ducked.  Vega went to the opposite corner.  Carlito then charged towards the corner, Vega moved and Carlito went shoulder first into the ringpost, only for Vega to get him in a roll-up from behind for the 3 count.  Fans were on their feet for the last few minutes of the match.  After a few minutes Carlito extended his hand to Vega.  They shook hands and then Carlito low-blowed Vega.  After that he grabbed a steel chair and punded on Vega several times.  AJ Castillo and Jay Velez came out for the save only to eat a “back-stabber” each.  Carlito took another bite of the apple; he then threw it to the crowd and spit the rest on Savio Vega’s face.  As he made his way out of the ring, the fan who caught the apple threw it back at Carlito, with him reacting by smiling at them and then leaving to the back.

For WWC Control – Legends Match
“El acróbata de Puerto Rico” Carlos Colon Sr. defeated “The Puertorican Dream” Invader #1 via pinfall in yet another controversial finish.  Taking into consideration that this was a match between two legends well over 65 years old, it was and good match for what it was.  At one point during the match Invader left the ring and went to the back and came back with two guys carrying a large plywood covered in barbwire.  He placed it in one of the corners of the ring, intending to send Colon Sr. into it.  However, Colon reversed and it was Invader who ended up tangled in the barbwire.  Colon then went for the figure 4 while Invader was still tangled up in the wire, but he grabbed the bottom rope forcing Colon to let go of the hold.  The ref then helped Invader get out of the barbwire to continue the match.  They went back and forth and the crowd was into every shot and every move they made.  Crowd was on their feet for the duration of the entire match.  The finish came with Invader going for the “heart punch”, but Colon turned and received it on his back.  The force of the “punch” pushed Colon into the turnbuckle, then landing flat on his back.  Invader took advantage of this and went for the cover with his feet up in the ropes.  The ref counted the 1-2-3 and declared Invader the winner.  Out came Stacy Colon as well as the members of the PR Wrestling Commission and told the ref that he had to re-start the match because of what Invader did.  The ref called for the bell and the match re-started.  Invader went after Stacy Colon and grabbed her by the hair.  Colon Sr. recovered and gave Invader a “back-stabber” (…well he tried and it looked similar to it…) and covered him for the win.  After the match Invader told Stacy to be careful because he will be looking for revenge and will come after her.  Colon Sr. then took the mic and told Invader that to get to her he will need to go through him.

As I mentioned earlier, overall it was a really good and entertaining show.  There were some booking decisions that were a bit questionable, but we will have to see where they decide to take the stories.  Congratulations to WWC and their team on the success of this event.  Now we start the build up towards the “Aniversario 40” event, which is scheduled for September.

WWC will be holding their next house show/TV taping on Saturday July 13th at the “Pepin” Cestero Arena in Bayamon, PR.  They have been advertising that they will pay tribute to the career of “The One and Only”, “Mr. Ray-tings” Ray Gonzalez.  Also announced for the evening are the following matches:
Grudge Match:
“El Boricua Mayor” Savio Vega vs Carlito Caribbean Cool

WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title Re-Match:
“El Chico Ilegal” Chicano vs “El Macho de Siete Suelas” Bronco #1

WWC Tag Team Title Match – Extreme Rules:
“La Artilleria Pesada” Thunder & Lightning vs Sons of Samoa (c) w/ Barrabas Sr.

Plus 4 more matches…

The dates and venues for “WWC’s Aniversario 40” have been announced.  The big night for the Aniversario shows will be Saturday September 21st at the “Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum” in Bayamon, PR; with a second tour date scheduled for September 22nd at the “Arquelio Torres Coliseum” in San German, PR.  The big Saturday night event will be made available on live iPPV.  More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the event dates.

 Puerto Rico Independent Scene

New Borinquen Pro Wrestling (NBPW), developmental territory for the WWL, held their debut event last Saturday afternoon at the “Santa Isidra Arena” in Fajardo, PR.  The show, which was completely free for the fans, saw a considerable turnout and garnered interest from local wrestling media.  No date for their next event was talked about, although it is expected to be discussed and announced after WWL’s event in Mexico this weekend.

A new promotion, “PSW – Perfect Stars Wrestling”, looms in and they have announced a debut show for Saturday August 24th at the “Roberto Clemente Coliseum” in San Juan, PR with a bell time of 7:00PM.  They have advertised that this first event will be dedicated to the former WWF faction “Los Boricuas” which was headed by Savio Vega, Miguel Perez, Jesus “Hurancan” Castillo and Jose Estrada Jr.  At this point they have announced the following talents for their debut event:  Savio Vega, Shane “Glamour Boy” Sewell, “Sensational” Carlitos, Ricky Cruzz, “El Rebelde” Noriega, Sinico, “La Conexion Arabe”, Sweet Nancy, Rico Suave, Erik Scorpion, and more names will follow in the coming weeks.

This new promotion will also be donating $1 of every ticket sold to charitable entities, which an awesome gesture on their behalf.  We will have more information as we get closer to their debut event.

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