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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-06 00:19:17
TNA returned to MCU Field in Brooklyn, NY tonight with the following results:

*Eric Young pinned Jesse Godderz with a top rope elbow drop.

*TNA Knockouts Mickie James defeated Velvet Sky.

*Devon defeated Joseph Park.

*Samoa Joe won a three way, forcing Bobby Roode to tap to the Kokina Clutch in a bout that also featured AJ Styles

*In a Bound for Glory series bout, Jeff Hardy beat Austin Aries.

*TNA Tag Team champs James Storm & Gunner beat Bad Influence.

*TNA champ Bully Ray pinned Kurt Angle after referee Brian Hebner was knocked unconscious. Angle forced Bully to tap to the Anklelock but the ref was out. Angle tried to rouse the referee but Ray nailed him with a chain and scored the pin. Angle nailed him with the Angleslam after.

Notes: Velvet Sky signed before the show....Joseph Park signed after...Kurt Angle had a massive line after for photos in the ring....The intermission was 40 minutes plus, longer than any match in the ring by almost double....Easily the largest crowd of any MCU Field event promoted by TNA over the last three years....Hot 97 DJ Pete Rosenberg was the ring announcer for the Knockouts bout....Former TNA staffer Brian Wittenstein was backstage visiting....The show had to be done by 9:40 because of a planned fireworks display. That obviously limited what guys could do since the matches were shorter than you'd usually expect from a TNA house show.

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