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By Mike Johnson on 2013-07-04 10:00:20
I'm reading about all of the TNA releases and as of this email, every one of them has been a Gutcheck contestant. Is this really the message they want to send to independent wrestlers looking for national exposure?

Well, one thing you can't say is that those independent wrestlers didn't receive national exposure. I interviewed Adam Pearce last week and he noted that after he appeared, his independent bookings jumped. TNA doesn't promise anyone a job for life. No one promises that. However, some indy talents received a monthly guaranteed check and an opportunity. TNA did hold up their end of the bargain, although the light at the end of the tunnel wasn't the riches and fame that the winners probably hoped for.

Had everyone hit their cues on time, what was to be the real finish to Hogan-Sid at WM 8?

Papa Shango hitting the ring to break up Hulk Hogan's pinfall attempt following a legdrop,

Vince McMahon used to have Andre the Giant stand on a box to make him look even bigger, and he would tower over the announcers. Why would this same marketing genius allow his non-wrestling daughter to tower over his actual female wrestlers, although Stephanie is only 5'8? It looks awful.

They want the McMahons to be frightening, powerful figures.

I read where MidAtlanticWrestling FanFest was going to be ending operations after next year. I never read the reason as to why. What reason has been given as to why its ending in 2014? On a personal note. Prior to it being cancelled last year due to the health of organizer Greg Price I had attended three reunions in a row. Each one an experience I will never forget. I had a grand old time seeing stars such as Harley Race, Ric Flair, Bobby Heenan, Ox Baker, Debbie Combs, Mr. Wrestling 2, Tommy Rich, Lei Lani Kai, Judy Martin among many, many others. But my fondest memories will always be meeting in person Molly Holly and Joyce Grable. Two very remarkable and talented ladies both in and out of the ring. I'm sad to see it end. Hopefully it will someday return. Thanks for the memories!

It's ending because after ten years of running, it's time to let it go. It's a hard event to put on and promote and honestly, the wrestlers are getting older and the fans are as well, so there's only so many returns you are going to see financially when fans come to see Wrestler X for the 8th, ninth, 10th, time. Promoter Greg Price has done an amazing job at putting on some amazing events, but he's also not making seven figures off his hard work - at some point, you have to take a step back and realize that it's time to do something else. I think he's probably at that point and by announcing the final event for 2014, he gives everyone a year to prepare and make sure they can attend.

Looking back at the infamous Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell match main eventing Raw 12 years ago this week, do you think the WCW crew was intentionally, or subconsciously, set up to fail that night? They were in Washington State, as far away from WCW territory as possible and an area they rarely ran. Plus Bagwell was never in main event matches in WCW. It was a recipe for disaster from the start. So, intentional set up, or just ill-conceived?

I think WWE's biggest mistake was booking that match in Tacoma. In fact, right after the show, I wrote a column titled "They bought the wrong company" because Tacoma was never a hotbed for ECW either, yet fans were chanting for it at different points over the course of the night. Using Bagwell was obviously mistake number two, since he was never a legit top name.

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