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By Marcus Wilmington on 2013-07-02 22:44:34
Here's the Smackdown spoilers:

*CM Punk opened up the show with a promo but out came World champion Alberto Del Rio. Teddy Long announces they will face off.

*Backstage, Paul Heyman asks to be with CM Punk in his corner tonight and at the PPV but Punk turns him down.

*The Usos defeated Team Rhodes Scholars.

*Alicia Fox defeated Kaitlyn after AJ distracted her.

*Randy Orton defeated Christian with the RKO in the best bout thus far.

*Dolph Ziggler defeated Drew McIntyre. Ziggler again escaped 3MB.

*Teddy Long tells Paul Heyman he can do commentary on the main event.

*Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel.

*They did a backstage vignette where Kaitlyn finds AJ Lee backstage but she escapes. The Bellas mock Kaitlyn.

*CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio battled to a double countout. Del Rio went after Paul Heyman and attacked him. Punk made the save and he and Alberto battled into the crowd.

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