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By Dave Scherer on 2013-07-02 09:59:00

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Regarding the current "Taz to the WWE" rumors, do you think that Vince & co are after him mainly because he is playing a roll at the heart of Impact's big story line at the moment, and if he was just a color commentator, they wouldn't be as keen??

As of late last week, Taz only had a few weeks left on his contract.  When every free agent has a deal that comes to term, WWE will weigh whether they want to sign him or not.  Taz left WWE on good terms and still has many friends in the company.  I think any interest that they have in him is based solely on the talents that they already know he has.  They tend to not really consider what TNA is doing when they make decisions concerning talents.  In my opinion, I think TNA would be wise to get the deal done and re-sign Taz. 

Maybe a strange question, but are you friendly with/know any of the “Bleacher Report” wrestling columnists? On one hand, a pretty mainstream sports site covering pro wrestling is pretty cool. Although you find better coverage on niche sites like yours. However, a lot of their writers still write about Benoit in a really positive light and it drives me insane. If Vince has done one thing right, its been whitewashing his product of anything to do with that murdering scum. Now I hear a few of his matches will be on the “Wargames” DVD. Is the whitewashing over?

All I know about their wrestling section is that they are a "repeater" and opinion site.  To me, it's just a message board or blog.  I guess if people want to read more opinions on stuff it's a place to go but no I don't know any of their people.  But if they are defending Chris Benoit than they have some real morons writing for them.  I am one that allows a lot of leeway with people and their opinions but the folks who can separate Benoit the wrestler from the man that murdered his family are just devoid of understanding reality in my view.  As for the removal of Benoit, it's still on.  It's just that sometimes it is really hard to pull him out of footage.  That was the case with War Games.  WWE is not promoting his inclusion or marketing it.  Vince McMahon made it clear years ago that at times, Benoit footage will have to be included but they won't market it in any way.

Given the results of Benoit s brain autopsy how WWE allows Daniel Bryan to use the flying headbutt?

They do so because they are two entirely different people that have done entirely different things in their life.  Benoit made a lot of choices in his life that probably had at least as much to due with how he ended up as the headbutt did.  Benoit ingested things that Bryan never did.  Benoit also did a LOT more very stiff matches than Bryan.  All of the ingredients end up making the soup, so to speak.  Bryan's soup is much more vegan healthy than Benoit's was.

So, did Jack Swagger violate the WWE Wellness Policy with his DUI, or not? I could've sworn marijuana was one of the controlled substances that are banned by WWE. It seems like Swagger went completely unpunished when guys like Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio earned strikes and were suspended for it.

It's a fine, not a suspension.  Per the WWE Wellness policy, here is what is stated if a talent tests positive for pot: "In the event of any positive test for marijuana, the WWE Talent shall be fined Two Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars ($2,500.00) per positive test, which shall be deducted from the WWE Talent's downside guarantee."   

These Wyatt Family vignettes have been fantastic. I am genuinely looking forward to them every week. Bray Wyatt is likely the next breakout heel in the company. However I don't remember Husky Harris talking that much. Did the WWE know he was that good on the mic when he was Husky?

Harris was a goofy character (one that should have never debuted).  It didn't call for him to do good promos.  WWE has had him in developmental for years and know his strengths and weaknesses.

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