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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-30 09:59:00

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It has come out that Orton and Bryan were fine for their chairshots to each other, due to WWE's ban on shots to the head. Why is this such an issue, when in WWE at least, the chairs are made of flimsy aluminum instead of actual steel (such as the one's used in the old ECW, for example), as they always have been? I just can't see their chairs doing all that much damage to someone's head.

First off, until you take a shot to the head from one of those "flimsy" chairs, you really can't comment on whether it is potentially devastating or not.  With that said, WWE is on the record as being against moves that can cause concussions.  A chairshot to the head obviously can do that.  So they need to stick to their own rules.  It's that simple.

I like the storyline where Suicide gets jumped and another wrestler takes his identity. Why did they build up Sabin and have him overcome being out for a year only to knock him back down? I was also hoping when Suicide took off the mask it was going to be AJ Styles. Aires is a good wrestler, but Aires/Bully was done enough over the last year. JMO, it just would have made more sense if it were AJ.

TNA would say, "Sabin didn't lose, so he can come back for his title".  I think what it came down to is that Sabin vs. Bully Ray for the title on the Destination X show would be a hard sell, so they went back to Aries since he was the one that started the "X Champ can give up the belt for a TNA Title shot" deal.  If the belt goes back on Sabin after Destination X, there isn't any real damage done.

With concussions being focused on so heavily, why do wrestlers not use mouth pieces? Studies have shown that a mouth piece can reduce the chances of a concussion occurring by up to 30%. It seems that Kurt Angle is the only wrestler willing to use a mouthpiece. He is the only wrestler I've ever seen use a mouthpiece (aside from amateur wrestling).

The major problem is that it's hard to communicate with the other workers and the ref if you have a mouthpiece in.  Plus, you can't really talk during a match either (like Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, etc. do).

Do you think a Ryback vs. Lesnar match could ever make up for the poor Lesnar vs. Goldberg showing they had?

Considering that Ryback and Goldberg are two different people, I don't think one has anything to do with the other.

I don't understand why CM Punk is getting a restraining order against his own mother. I saw his documentary and understand what he went through but were talking about his own mother here, and to add insult to the situation he want her banned from all events. Is there something I'm missing here?

Obviously, the situation has gotten really, really bad for him.  Honestly, with your limited knowledge of the situation, you have no right to form an opinion on something that has been really hard for him.  Unless you know the whole story, jumping to conclusions is a tool thing to do.

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