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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-29 11:18:17
WWE NXT has a live event tonight at the Palatka Armory in Palatka, FL. It will be the last event before the Performance Center opens.

As noted earlier today on, NXT Creative team member Rob Naylor finishes up at WWE Developmental this weekend. His position at NXT was dropped/shifted to a new hire with the move to Orlando. Many within the company/close to the situation were surprised at this news as he was well liked. Naylor's departure was said to be very amicable. He was was apparently told that in the future, the door was open to come back to work for the WWE. He had a lot of fans in the company and received a really nice send-off over the last week. There was talk of him going to work in Stamford, but obviously, that did not happen as of this writing.

Naylor, however, will continue working with Dusty Rhodes. Rhodes posted the following today on Twitter:

In an update from earlier, has confirmed that Norman Smiley has stayed on with WWE developmental and will be heading to Winter Park, FL with the NXT talents.

Steve Keirn is not making the move to Winter Park, FL.

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